3 Best CBD Infused Wines You Have to Try
CBD infused wines are a heavenly product that will make you wonder if it was the work of a regular human being. Check these three best CBD infused wines.

CBD infused wines are a heavenly product that will make you wonder if it was the work of a regular human being. Check these three best CBD infused wines you have to try.

Why Should You Try CBD Infused Wines?

First of all, both are for relaxation. If you are the kind of person to sit down in the evening with a glass of wine or a blunt and sink into some deep thinking with calmness, then you know what we are talking about. Both could help you close your day off nicely, no matter if everything before it was good or bad.

If you drink wine regularly, then the calming effect will wear off sooner or later. Then you will need more and more alcohol in your system to reach the same result. And we all know where that rabbit hole will take you.

If you use CBD, then it will probably get boring after a while. Drops, blunts, edibles. All of them will become bland in your mouth, and while the relaxation remains, it won’t be as satisfying.

Combining the two will provide you with a way of calming yourself down while still entertaining your mind.

3 Best CBD Infused Wines You Have to Try
CBD infused wines @sk8life

1. CannaVines

They are one of the most well-known brands that sell CBD infused wines. Unfortunately, they only sell three kinds at the moment. 

  • A red blend
  • A chardonnay¬†
  • A ros√©

They are all from the main kinds of wine, so you still get a pretty good amount of variety, but of course, we are left to want a little more.

CannaVines wines are said to be one of the best among CBD infused ones. Their goal is to have a medicinal purpose (meaning they have as little THC as possible). Just what you would want.

But here is the catch: they aren’t making online sales yet. You can only get their wines in California, in the Cannabis Tour. If you live close by then, it is most definitely worth a try, but if you live pretty far away, then we suggest waiting it out. Their popularity will only continue to grow, and they will soon start selling online.

3 Best CBD Infused Wines You Have to Try
CannaVines Chardonnay @420_queer

2. Mary Jane’s Magical Hemp Wine

Or you can call it the “Queen of Wine” whichever you like more.

Their wines can be purchased online through the website of Black Prince Winery, although it is initially based in Canada. This brand of wine isn’t all that popular.

Mostly because of the lack of variety and the price.

Let’s talk about what kinds you can get. You only have two options: red or white wine. Both of them have great tastes, but let’s be honest: if you only drank these two, then you would get bored out of your mind after the first bottle. They are good, but not that interesting.

And the price Well, the white one is $24.75, and the red one is $27.75 (not including the shipping, of course). They are a bit expensive, so many people would instead choose something that doesn’t scare them off with just the price tag.

We would have advised not trying this one at first, as it didn’t seem to be all that worth it. But honestly, if you want to give CBD infused wines a trial run, then this might be a good start. It is high in quality and will provide you with an idea of what it’s all about.

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3 Best CBD Infused Wines You Have to Try
Mary Jane Wine @maryjanewines

3. CBD Vines

A simple name with pure intent, to help people medicate themselves with CBD. They are coming to you straight from Texas, well, not coming to you. Unfortunately, they aren’t selling online yet. And that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon either.

But disregarding that fact, this is the best CBD infused wine you could start with.

They have a significant amount of variety: 

  • Chardonnay
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Red blends
  • Pinot Grigio
  • Pinot noir

They also gave their wines pun names like CBDonay for Chardonnay. Which is pretty hilarious by itself, but shows dedication from the producers.

CBD Vines have one of the best – if not the best – tasting wines in the history of CBD infused drinks. It is almost unbelievable, and we highly suggest that you try it. Or try all of them, it’s up to you, but at least one should be on your “to-do” list.

The best part is the lack of THC, though. The CBD used in the wines is explicitly tested to make sure it doesn’t have much psychedelics, so consumers can have a good time while drinking. The lack of THC makes this wine the best as it’s sole purpose is to help younger people drink safer and safely consume CBD.

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3 Best CBD Infused Wines You Have to Try
Cannabis in Wine @byoblikeaboss

This experience will most definitely change your mind even if you aren’t that big of a fan of CBD. It provides people with a way to enjoy their time while remaining relaxed (it can also cure drunk-anger).

Will you try CBD infused wines? Will it be one from our list? Tell us down in the comments below!

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