4 Best CBD Blunts You Have to Try
If you want to save some time and use your CBD products as they are then buying blunts is an excellent option. Read on to know why!

CBD comes in all shapes and forms, so if you like using it or it’s only necessary for you, then it’s good to try a few things. Most people prefer oils or edibles but blunt work just as well.

You can use tobacco in them, making your daily smoke even better with a tiny bit of CBD. But of course, some blunts can be bought online without you having to do any of the work.

So, which ones are the best?

4 Best CBD Blunts You Have to Try
Cannabis plant @highflowerfarm

1. Flower Cone From Dr. Ganja

Yes, we know that the name is quite lame, but it’s on this list for a very good reason.

A flower cone like this has a vibrant taste and a strong effect, making it one of our top choices. It has juicy fruit CBD hemp flower in it, so if you like flavored blunts this will be your favorite.

Although it contains a tiny bit of THC as well, not enough to have any effect on you, you won’t feel intoxicated because of it.

On their site this product has a rating of 4 stars and many people mention how great it was. A lot of people highlight the fact that it’s just strong enough for you to feel relaxed but not knocked out and also that it doesn’t have a harsh taste. Simply said: people love it!

One of these flower cones will cost you exactly $12, but if you buy multiple, then you will get a discount. A bit pricey, yes, but you need to pay for quality.

4 Best CBD Blunts You Have to Try
Rolled blunts on hand @norfolksmokez

2. Hemp Blunt From Deep 6 CBD

These are the typical blunts that you would expect to see. They are rolled pretty tightly and contain 1 gram of CBD. Although these things are pretty standard, this blunt is much different from others.

First of all, you can order it in three different flavors. Natural, where you can only taste the hemp. It’s pretty bitter, but the finish will be kind of sweet, and it will stay in your mouth — Strawberry, which is insanely delicious, perfect for anyone who wants to taste candy while smoking. And finally, grape. It’s pretty sour-sweet but still feels nice.

And the quality is top-notch, which is why one of these bad boys will cost you $19.99. Yes, we know, it seems pretty expensive, but it’s worth it. Trust us.

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4 Best CBD Blunts You Have to Try
King size blunts @blucrystalcbd

3. CBD Blunts From Hemp Direct

These are pretty similar to the last one but are more affordable. They come in the same flavors and sizes, so there isn’t much to talk about.

Except for the fact that these are entirely natural. No tobacco, additives, or synthetics were used while making them, so they are perfect.

They are made of Durban Potion CBD flower, which contains 16,4% CBD, one of the best hemp you can find out there. It’s considered to be an industrial plant, which was specifically bred to be good for those smoking it.

The effects these will have on you are phenomenal as well. They will give you no paranoia or hunger; they will relax you. But many reviews mention that they also helped them get their creative flow on and that they energized them as well. But they can also help you focus on your work more.

If you buy a pack in this site, then you will receive three blunts (one of each flavor) for $24.99. Much more affordable than any other blunt out there, as if you calculate it then it will come out to be $8.33.

4 Best CBD Blunts You Have to Try
King size blunts @blucrystalcbd

4. Blue Dream From Terpy J’s

Don’t judge this blunt because of the hippy name; it’s on this list for a very good reason.

First of all, Terpy J’s use CBD flowers that are good for the environment. They only use plants that are the highest quality, free from pesticides, and grown with organic farming techniques. This ensures that you don’t end up smoking something harmful as well. Also, many people believe that CBD should be completely natural, so this is for those kinds of guys as well.

But the best part is that they donate 10% to support local farming and agriculture. Not many producers do that, so you can even support a good cause by buying these blunts.

And of course, the taste and the experience. It’s considered to be one of the best flavor-wise as it is consistent, and it doesn’t lose the intensity over time. It’s a clean and smooth smoke too, so you don’t need to worry about it being too bitter and causing you to cough.

The price is also pretty good, a single blunt cost $9.99.

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4 Best CBD Blunts You Have to Try
Rolled blunt held between fingers @_robchavez_

If you want to save some time and use your CBD products as they are then buying blunts is an excellent option. Mainly because you can buy them in different flavors and intensities, tailored to your preference.

In the end, it’s worth at least a try.

How did you like these products? Will you try any one of them out? Tell us down in the comments below!

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