4 Best CBD Hemp Wraps You Have to Try
Hemp wraps naturally contain CBD while others are infused with it. There are four best types of CBD hemp wraps that you have to try. Read on for more!

CBD Hemp Wraps

A hemp wrap is a piece of paper, made out of hemp, designed for rolling a joint. They gained popularity as an alternative to blunt wraps. There are two types of hemp wraps available in the market.

If you enjoy rolling up a joint, then you might have an idea of what a CBD hemp wrap is. If you are getting into the culture, then let me introduce you to the glorious world of hemp wraps.

The first variety is pre-rolled, and all you have to do is add the herbs and light it up. The second one resembles a flat sheet of paper, and you have to roll it on your own. Some hemp wraps naturally contain CBD while others are infused with it.

Now that you are familiar with hemp wraps let’s look at 4 CBD hemp wraps that you have to try.

4 Best CBD Hemp Wraps You Have to Try
CBD hemp wrap @ilovememes17

1. Chocolate Hemp Wrap

Few things in this world can compare to the joy of combining two of your favorite things to make something awesome.  Few people and even fewer companies have been able to achieve this. Lion Rolling Circus is one of the companies that have managed to achieve this by combining chocolate and hemp to make an unbelievable wrap.

The chocolate hemp wrap is one of the unique CBD hemp wraps you will ever try. The best part about them is their unique flavor profile. They also burn for long and have jagged edges that ensure you get a smooth seal when you are rolling.

If chocolate isn’t your cup of tea, then you can try some other flavors by Lion Rolling Circus such as strawberry.

4 Best CBD Hemp Wraps You Have to Try
A rolled chocolate hemp wrap @thereal_fattanza

2. Cannawraps

When I got into the CBD community, everyone was talking about Cannawraps and with good reason. Cannawraps are some of the best CBD hemp wraps in the market. Cannawraps are made by Dank Industries, one of the most innovative companies in the CBD space.

In making their hemp wraps, Dank Industries uses real American hemp from sustainably cultivated plants. Dank industries also avoid using toxins or synthetic chemicals in making their wraps. If you aren’t convinced of its eco-friendliness, maybe the fact that there’s no pollution at its facilities will convince you.

There are six flavors of Cannawraps available in the market: original, Russian cream, grapes, honey, mango, and mixed berry. My personal favorite is the honey-flavored wrap which is infused with terpenes.

Terpenes are a group of chemicals that are present almost everywhere in nature. They are responsible for the unique aroma in several plants such as oranges, lavender, and pine trees. Scientists have recently discovered that terpenes contribute to the healing process. If you needed any more reason to try Cannawraps, there, you have it.  

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4 Best CBD Hemp Wraps You Have to Try
Mango flavored Cannawraps hemp wraps @toobsdistribution

3. Kingpin Pure Hemp Wraps

One of the unique CBD hemp wraps in the market is the pure hemp wrap by Kingpin. One of the things I love about Kingpin wraps is the packaging. It’s unique from nearly everything else in the market because of its bright colors. Kingpin wraps live up to their name as they have a very high-class feel.

The Kingpin wraps come in a variety of flavors such as the Goomba Grape, Original G, Mango Tango, and the Blueberry Bomb. Out of all these, my favorite is the Blueberry Bomb, and it’s the one I would advise you to try.

What I enjoy in the Blueberry Bomb is its unique flavor and aroma. If I hadn’t known that it was blueberry, I would have thought that it was grapes. The Kingpin wraps burn well for a long time. The only issue was how much saliva it took to make the paper stick.

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4 Best CBD Hemp Wraps You Have to Try
Kingpin hemp wrap @topdollabandz

4. Juicy Hemp Wraps

We can’t talk about CBD hemp wraps without talking about juicy hemp wraps by Juicy Jay’s. Juicy Jay’s is probably one of the best-known CBD companies and with good reason. They have a wide array of products ranging from seeds, herbs, wrapping papers, and pipes.

Some of the flavors of juicy hemp wrap available in the market include mango papaya, grapes gone wild, and tropical passion. This is my favorite, the tropical passion, as it reminds me of a beautiful day on the beach in the tropics.

The wraps have a very distinctive flavor, and the first thing that comes to mind when using them is pineapples. They burn slowly and have a pleasant aroma. The best thing about the juicy hemp wraps is how easy it is to roll them.

4 Best CBD Hemp Wraps You Have to Try
A joint held up in the woods @kmarie10_

One of the best things about the CBD revolution is how it has changed the lives of ordinary people. If you enjoy rolling a joint now, you have more options than ever before, and this is awesome. We hope that this article helps you in choosing a CBD hemp wrap.

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