4 Best CBD Nasal Sprays You Have to Try
There are several ways of using CBD, and through your nose is one of the most efficient ways to do so. Read on for the best CBD nasal sprays in the market!

There are several ways of using CBD, and through your nose is one of the most efficient ways to do so. It’s able to be absorbed much faster and gets to the brain in no time (which is precisely where you want it to be). Generally, it also has a stronger effect, so it will either last much longer than usual, or the relaxation will hit you harder than ever.

So, if you want to try a CBD nasal spray, then what should you go with?

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1. Nasadol 200mg Bottle

Nasadol made the bottle in a way, so it doesn’t waste CBD. This one administers 1mg per spray, which can work perfectly, even though it doesn’t seem like much. This is because if you take CBD through your nasal mucosa, your body can absorb it much more quickly.

So if you want to be under the influence continually, then this is a great way to do it. You can start with a spray in each nostril, but you will need to wait at least half an hour until the next one. Once you have got used to this, you can go up to 4-6 times a day. Just make sure you slowly adjust to the higher amounts.

This specific kind has a little bit of vanilla and menthol flavor added for a better experience. It also ships free within the US, which is pretty nice because this bottle is on the expensive side of things.

A bottle costs $34.99.

4 Best CBD Nasal Sprays You Have to Try
A held bottle of CBD nasal spray @nasadol.cbd.nasal

2. MedRight 200mg Bottle

This nasal spray is advertised as an epileptic, asthma, headache, and migraine nasal spray, but don’t let that fool you. Companies nowadays market every kind of CBD as a cure for these things because they get more sales that way. But this bottle is pretty good for anyone, even for those who want to relax and not get rid of some symptoms.

Although, it certainly does magic for people with epilepsy as well. The two reviews that can be found on that site are stating that they used this product, and their episodes have become much better.

But the best thing is that it is lab tested and completely free of THC. Which we all know is a great thing. This means that it has no psychoactive compounds, and you can’t get high because of it. Plus, the formula is clean, and there are no additional products in the spray.

You can administer a spray in each nostril every 2-3 hours, but a lower amount is recommended at first. Your body will need time to get used to this kind of administration.

A bottle costs $39.95.

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4 Best CBD Nasal Sprays You Have to Try
A bottle of CBD nasal spray @releafcbdco

3. Cibdol 50mg Bottle

This one doesn’t contain as much CBD but works just as well. Although, the producers recommend to use it 2-3 times a day, not nearly as much as the other bottles we have mentioned.

But Cibdol took a different direction with this nasal spray. They thought that a nasal spray’s job is to clean the nose and allow the user to breathe, which this bottle can do with ease. After administering a spray, you will feel your nose clearing up just seconds after. It’s great for colds and hay fever.

But of course, it provides you with the other benefits that come with CBD as well. Pain relief and relaxation. These effects are just much more mild, as there is not too much CBD in this one.

A bottle costs €19.95.

4 Best CBD Nasal Sprays You Have to Try
A bottle of CBD oil @cibdol

4. Experia 120mg Bottle

Well, we aren’t talking about just a 120mg, but a 240mg bottle as well. This site sells a weaker and a stronger kind, which provides consumers with a wider variety. You can also up your dosage this way if you need more. The recommended amount you take is six sprays a day, but you shouldn’t go above 15.

You can’t overdose with either kind, of course, but it’s best to stay away from the effects of too much CBD. It can result in a sedated state, and it can get pretty worrying after a while.

And here comes the best part… Not even a trace of THC. Completely free of psychoactive compounds so you can enjoy the calming effects of CBD without paranoia or hallucination.

A 120mg bottle costs £11, and a 240 bottle is £19.99.

4 Best CBD Nasal Sprays You Have to Try
CBD nasal spray at the beach @nn.lifestyle

CBD nasal sprays are a great way to get rid of fullness in the nose and hayfever, but it’s also an excellent method of getting CBD in your system. It absorbs more quickly and reaches the brain in no time. But it’s also a better way to administer it this way when you are in public. Mainly because people don’t ask questions and don’t look at you weird. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with drops. Because of this, a lot of people prefer using nasal sprays.

Have you used CBD nasal sprays before? If so, how was the experience? Tell us down in the comments below!

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