6 Best CBD Infused Coffees You Have to Try
Taking CBD infused coffees will make your mornings so much easier as taking medicine and coffee can be merged into one. Read on for brands that you can try!

Whether you use CBD as medication or just as a way to calm down, the best time to take it is in the morning. It gives you a great start to your day and makes waking up a little bit easier… A little bit like coffee.

Which is why you should try using CBD infused coffee. These two will make your mornings so much easier. Plus, the ritual of drinking and taking medicine can be merged into one, saving you some precious time. So, what brands can you give a try?

1. Subduction Coffee + Hemp

We highly recommend trying out this brand because it’s not like the others. CBD infused coffees usually use oil-based additives, which will result in the CBD floating on top of your coffee. Somewhat gross, we know, but that’s the easiest way to put this compound in a drink. But this brand decided to take the difficult road. They take pride in the fact that their coffee can be left out to cool and sit for a little bit without it becoming disgusting. (Yes, they regularly voice this over their Facebook page.)

Subduction Coffee + Hemp only sells ground coffee, but that’s because it’s the only way to mix the hemp in there. These manufacturers get the world’s finest beans, roast it and grind it up, then mix those grounds with hemp. The result is a perfect mix that will help you make the most excellent coffee that you have ever had. Because of this, you will get the same amount of CBD in each cup without fail.

We can’t tell you about specific tastes and aromas, unfortunately… But the reason for it is quite nice. It’s because this brand sells a ton of different coffees that can be infused with CBD. All of which are amazing. If you like quality coffee and have a specific favorite, then you will easily find your favorite right here. You can find different strengths (you can get decaf) and origins.

All of their bagged coffee products cost $34.99.

2. Buddha Beans Coffee CO.

Associating Buddha with CBD might be a little bit offensive to some, but you can’t deny seeing the reason for it. After all, the calmness that CBD brings us is quite similar to the one Buddha tried to teach humanity. So even if it rubs you the wrong way, it shouldn’t offend you. It’s just a name.

But Buddha Beans Coffee CO. is quite interesting. They offer a small variety of 3 kinds. Colombian, Ethiopian, Mexican. But honestly, this is perfectly enough, as these are madly different from each other. Plus, you can get them in decaf and regular.

The Colombian is the strongest coffee of them all. It has a full body and a godly aroma that will draw you to it. The color of it is almost black, with a slight hint of hazelnut brown.

The Mexican is the one for those who are casual coffee drinkers. It’s a smooth blend and will feel like silk in your mouth. Soft, smooth, and silky. Those are the three words that can best describe this coffee. It’s also low in acidity, so if you initially have a problem with that, then this is your best bet.

The Ethiopian is for those who like exotic tastes. It starts with a bold, bitter taste that will hit you hard along with the smooth consistency. It will be pretty acidic, so be prepared for a little bit of sting. But in the end, it will flow down with some fruity notes.

You can get each kind in 2 sizes, 12 oz. and 6 oz. and the first one costs $31, and the second one costs $51. In our opinion, this is the coffee that is most worth it, as it offers a great variety, strong tastes, and the price is not too bad at all.

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6 Best CBD Infused Coffees You Have to Try
Coffee beans and assorted CBD products @buddhabeanscoffee

3. Hempworx

Hempworx sells more than just coffee. They sell all kinds of stuff that have CBD in it, like dog treats, bath bombs, and oils. But of course, what we are most interested in right now is the coffee.

They only sell one kind, so there is a lack of variety, unfortunately. But this brand makes up for that with a lot of other things. This coffee is entirely vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and of course, non-GMO. So if your primary concern is what you take into your body, then this is what you should go with. It’s the healthiest option of them all, and this brand pays attention to keep their product free of anything excessive.

This coffee is very rich and bold. The taste is full of flavor, and the aroma will drag you in and never let you leave as long as you can feel it. It has light floral notes as well.

A 3 oz. box of this coffee will cost you $69. This contains 5 mg of CBD. But you can also get a coffee creamer from them, which is also keto-friendly.

6 Best CBD Infused Coffees You Have to Try
A person holding a bottle of CBD oil @shawnascott13

4. Mary Joe

If you prefer to drink coffee that is already prepared for you instead of going through the brewing process, then we have just the thing for you. Mary Joe offers people a CBD infused coffee that comes in a bottle and can be stored in a fridge and drank anytime you need to.

We recommend using these if you are going to an event where you can’t buy coffee. But these are also perfect if you are going to the beach or the pool.

They are made with filtered water, organic coffee grounds, and organic hemp-extracted CBD. Just a typical cold brew. The taste is the same as you would expect, a little bit bitter with a sweet finish.

Four bottles of this drink cost $32.

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6 Best CBD Infused Coffees You Have to Try
A bottle of CBD infused coffee @thaliasurf

5. Fusion Coffee Beans

Fusion Coffee Beans offer their consumers the regular experience of coffee, along with the simple enjoyment of taking CBD. They have whole and ground beans, so if you are into the same old same old, then you will love this.

This brand offers two kinds of coffee: the “High Energy” blend and the “Adventure” blend. Both are made from Arabica beans. The first one is specifically manufactured to be full of caffeine and help you wake up. It’s a strong drink that will give you a ton of energy, but you won’t get the usual jitters that you would initially have.

The “Adventure” blend is what’s interesting, though, as it will give you the calm in the storm. It helps you calm down and focus on your work much more easily, and the CBD complements that effect well. Having this kind of coffee in the office or at your job will help you a lot during work. It can make a stressful and busy day much calmer.

In the end, this coffee highlights the benefits of the CBD. Something that most CBD infused coffees tend to forget, as they focus more on the regular beverage. This brand is one of a kind, as it wants you to feel the benefits instead of just energizing you like regular coffee.

Both of these CBD infused coffees have a very potent and exciting taste. They are both very bold and rich and will leave you wanting more and more. If you are afraid of getting a bit addicted, then you should not even try this one out.

An 8 oz. bag costs $18 and a 12 oz. bag costs $26.

6 Best CBD Infused Coffees You Have to Try
A packet of coffee and a bottle of CBD oil @fusioncoffeebeans

6. Green Roads

Green Roads is the most famous brand when it comes to CBD infused coffee. They make their products to be high quality, so everyone likes and prefers them to anything else.

They only offer one kind of coffee, though, and that one is also ground, so there is no variety here. If you prefer to switch your coffee up every once in a while, then you should probably go with something else. Although, if you like this one, then you will likely stick with it.

This coffee has a full and strong body that will quickly overwhelm you. It has a rich taste with light notes and a complex aroma. You can get hints of dark chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, and sweet Malta. The bitterness can barely be felt, so this coffee is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth.

You can get a 2 oz. bag ($11.99), an 8 oz. bag ($39.99), and a 16 oz. one ($54.99).

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6 Best CBD Infused Coffees You Have to Try
A person adding CBD oil in coffee @greenroads

CBD can help your anxiety, depression, and any kind of painful condition you might have. It’s an amazing compound that will make your life much easier, especially if you pair it with coffee. It’s the easiest and simplest way to take your medicine, especially if you don’t want to “show it off.” We all know that some people want to medicate themselves sort of privately. The easiest way to do is to drink it along with a cup of coffee.

So, if you like the idea, then we highly suggest all of these amazing brands, you will like them.

Thank you for reading! Do you want to try CBD infused coffees? Did you like the brands we suggested? Tell us down in the comments below! Be sure to join us on Instagram or Pinterest for more fun content from the world of medical cannabis. See you there!


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