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EveryCBDthing is an educational blog focused on providing our readers with the most accurate, up to date and factual information on CBD. Although CBD is not a new product, there’s a lot of research being done into it at the moment. This means that there’s a lot of information about CBD coming out on a nearly daily basis and it might be hard to keep up with all these news.

Our mission 

Our mission is to educate and inspire people to embrace the use of CBD products. We believe in the power of CBD products to change lives and offer more affordable alternatives to day-to-day products. We want to spread knowledge that will encourage more people to use CBD products whether it is in health to replace pharmaceutical medicines or in beverages. 

We also want to encourage companies to invest in CBD and come up with new products that will improve the lives of the consumers. We believe that as companies continue to join the CBD space, it will create more jobs and encourage innovation. 

We also want to change the narrative surrounding CBD. There’s a stigma around it because it is obtained from marijuana and we want to change this. We want to show people the difference between marijuana and CBD and we hope that by doing this more people will embrace CBD. 

Lastly we aim to encourage governments around the world to legalize CBD. When this happens, people around the world will be able to legally enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Meet the team

We have talked a lot about our goals yet we haven’t even introduced ourselves. That’s how passionate we are about CBD. 

Our team is made up of a diverse group of people brought together by our shared love of CBD. We draw on our diverse backgrounds to provide expert opinion on CBD usage and CBD products. We have been using CBD for a while now so you can rest assured that every word we write is backed by our personal experiences. 

What kind of content can you expect from us?

We produce a wide range of CBD content such as product reviews, guides on how to use the various CBD products available and information on how you can use CBD to manage several ailments. All our articles are written in an engaging conversational style, so expect an enjoyable read when you drop by our website. 

We urge you to visit our site often and find out what’s new in the world of CBD. . Follow us also on our social media platforms where we create engaging content for you to share with friends. Prepare to mesmerize them with your advanced knowledge on CBD. You can also send them our articles and introduce them to our website. At Every CBD Thing, you can trust us to teach you everything about CBD.

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