CBD and Dogs Tips on Dosage & More
CBD is still often referred to as dangerous or harmful & even by vets, So now we will have to explain how CBD works for dogs and pets at home.

The pain-relieving effect of CBD is common knowledge nowadays, but what you may not know is that it’s also great for animals, such as our loyal companions: dogs. Unfortunately though, even if you have the option to help your pet this way, you might not be informed enough.

CBD is still often referred to as dangerous or harmful, even by vets. It’s absolutely not true. But even now the best case is that the doc doesn’t say anything. So now we will have to explain how CBD works for dogs.

What Forms Can I Give CBD in?

For humans, there are a ton of options. Drops, blunts, vapes, capsules or you can even just bake it into a dessert and eat it.

For dogs, it’s a bit more limited. The easiest way to treat your dog is by doing just that. Giving them a treat. You can find these snacks online mostly, as regular pet shops usually don’t sell them because it’s controversial.

The other two methods can be given by mixing them into your dog’s food or by putting it into their mouths. Capsules and drops. These are much more preferred though, as you don’t need to purchase products you don’t know much about. These two CBD forms make it easier for you to know what’s getting into the system of your pet.

CBD and Dogs Tips on Dosage & More
Only Snacks for Dogs @jessicaanngosnell

How Can I Give My Dog the CBD?

For treats, it’s quite easy. Give your dog a simple command, like sit or come and give them the treat (plus a ton of affection, of course). This encourages good behavior, although they won’t associate the lack of pain with the treat.

For drops, you need to either mix it with your pet’s food or put it in their mouth. The latter can be quite difficult, as in the most ideal case you need to put it under the tongue. For many dogs, this will be a struggle, especially if yours is a larger breed. If this is your preferred method then you might want to consider obedience training so you don’t put extra stress on your dog even with their medicine.

Capsules are usually the most difficult to administer. If your dog is smart enough to avoid it while eating their food then you will have a problem. Many dogs refuse to let their owners stick a pill down their throat, as it seems foreign to them. If you really want to do this then you should put it in your pet’s mouth and hold it still until they swallow. This can also get really stressful so make sure you reward them with a ton of affection afterward.

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CBD and Dogs Tips on Dosage & More
Process of Giving CBD to Your Dogs @renee__christine

How Much Should I Give My Dog?

As with any other chemical, the potency depends on the mass of the animal you’re giving it to. The heavier your dog is, the more CBD it’s going to require for it to take effect.

Generally, you should give 0,25 milligrams of CBD per pound. For context: if you have CBD in a small bottle, then a drop will usually contain about 0,5-1 milligram. You should check it on the brand’s website as it can really differ and you can easily mess up the dosage because of this.

You can also get CBD for pets in capsules. These can have anywhere from 5 to 20 milligrams in them, so check the label first to make sure you’re buying the right one.

Although, many people prefer to have a set amount of 2-4 drops or 1-2 capsules at one time. This can usually work, but it’s not nearly enough if the issue of your dog is really serious. If your pet is in a lot of pain then you should follow the guide that tells you how much you should give it per pound.

CBD and Dogs Tips on Dosage & More
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What Happens if I Give My Dog Too Much CBD?

Remember one thing: CBD is a non-psychoactive compound. This means that your pet won’t get high and they won’t be experiencing anything unreal. The only effect CBD will have on them is the calmness and lack of pain. And sometimes tiredness.

But when you overdose your dog (by that, we mean that you gave them maximum twice the amount, anything above that is ignorance) the worst thing that can happen is usually similar to sedation. This basically means that your pet will be knocked out for a short period of time. If this doesn’t occur often then nothing bad will happen.

And if you are afraid of killing your beloved companion then remember that they would have to ingest an enormous amount of CBD to die. If it’s not your intent then they won’t be harmed.

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CBD and Dogs Tips on Dosage & More
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CBD is an amazing way to help your dogs with whatever problem they are having. It can ease pain from chronic diseases or from previous surgery. It’s a natural medicine, so it minimizes the amount of artificial stuff getting into your pet’s system.

Have you had to use CBD on your dogs or pet before? How did it work? Tell us down in the comments below!

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