CBD Capsules VS CBD Oil (Comparison & Review)
We’ll look at CBD oil vs CBD capsules. These are two of the most popular ways for people to use CBD. Read on to learn more!

The use of CBD products is getting the mainstream acceptance that it rightfully deserves!

Many people have referred to it as a miracle drug capable of curing most common conditions. These referrals and testimonials are everywhere, and they are the reason that CBD has become so popular. Many people are willing to give it a try as an alternative to conventional medicine.

However, despite this widespread acceptance, CBD still faces some significant challenges. Its association with cannabis is one such challenge, and it’s the reason why many people have reservations about using it in public.

What most regular people fail to understand about CBD is that it’s not the same as the cannabis plant. Although CBD is made from an extract of the cannabis plant, it won’t make you high.

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Because most people still see cannabis when they look at CBD, innovative minds have come up with discrete ways of using CBD.

In this article, we’ll look at two of those ways, CBD oil, and CBD capsules. These are two of the most popular ways for people to use CBD.

CBD Oil VS CBD Capsules (Comparison and Review)
CBD Capsules @axislabs


CBD oil is like the coolest kid in a group of cool kids. It’s the most widely known CBD product, and with good reason. People have successfully used it to manage several conditions, and they have shared their stories on social media.

There is a lot of hype surrounding CBD oil, and at this point, you might be asking yourself why people use it. What makes it more popular than other CBD products? CBD oil is popular because it is the most studied CBD product available.

The research improves CBD’s public image and helps alleviate some of the concerns that people might have about it. The research is also necessary because 62% of people who use CBD use it for medical purposes.

Speaking of medical purposes, there’s a question that people frequently ask when CBD oil and capsules come up. 

Does CBD oil offer any more significant health benefits than CBD capsules?

The answer is no

Both CBD oil and CBD capsules deliver CBD to the body, and it’s that CBD that affects the body.

How to Use CBD Oil

CBD oil bottles have droppers that make it easy to administer the dose under your tongue easily.

Lift your tongue and place a few drops using the dropper. Hold your tongue up for about 90 seconds then swallow. 

This allows direct absorption to the endocannabinoid system. According to research, using CBD oil sublingually ensures that more CBD is available for the body to use.

Some people prefer to add the CBD oil to their foods, but this alters the bioavailability of the oil significantly.

Advantages of Using CBD Oil


CBD oil products have become accessible because most states and some countries are changing the legislation around the use of cannabis. Manufacturers are competing to come up with different CBD options to cater for different solutions. This drives the market to the doorstep of potential CBD users.


CBD oil has proved to be versatile because it is used for different purposes in our bodies. Its ability to modify its functions based on how your body is feeling is also amazing. CBD oil works by bringing your body to harmony, trying to achieve optimal states of functionality. It can be taken with foods, applied on the skin, or ingested as edibles as well.

Safe for Most Users

CBD oil is safe for many people, and its production and administration have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, FDA.

Disadvantages of CBD Oil

The uses of CBD oil for medicinal reasons are still in its early stages. Most CBD oil remedies are experimental.

The FDA does not recognize CBD as a drug but as a supplement. This makes it hard to keep track of regulations as manufacturers are not held to strict adherence to production.

CBD oil is an acquired taste, and that’s putting it mildly. Most people who use CBD oil prefer mixing it with things like mint to sweeten it.

Droppers are not discreet, and users can feel embarrassed to use it in public.

CBD Oil VS CBD Capsules (Comparison and Review)
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CBD Capsules

The CBD capsules contain the same components found in the CBD oil. The significant difference is that cannabinoid extracts are suspended inside a gel capsule instead of oil.

CBD capsules are famous because they resemble our daily pills.

Advantages of Using CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are easy to take. They can fit your routine if you also take supplements and vitamins.

There is a controlled dosage because the dose comes measured in the pill compared to CBD oils, where a dropper cannot guarantee an accurate dose.

Easy to carry and convenient to use when traveling.

CBD capsules are inconspicuous. They can pass as regular pills.

CBD capsules provide a taste-free option.

Disadvantages of Using CBD Capsules

Capsules have less bioavailability compared to CBD oils. Less bioavailability means the dose is less potent.

Capsules are not as readily available as CBD oils. It is also difficult to find the strength and dosage you need.

CBD Oil VS CBD Capsules (Comparison and Review)
CBD Capsules @nordicoil

Health Benefits of CBD Oil and CBD Capsules

Although CBD oil and CBD capsules might be different products, they have the same health benefits. These include:

Aid in Pain Relief

Patients who have arthritis profess the benefits of CBD oil and capsules for pain alleviation. Arthritis is associated with severe joint pains and inflammation. The results of a study on the effects of CBD on arthritis patients revealed that CBD could prevent joint neuropathy and osteoarthritis. 

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Much of this is because CBD works by reducing joint inflammation and also protects the nerves from further inflammation. As a result, it eases the pain!

Anxiety and Depression

CBD works differently from THC, even though they are both significant components of the Marijuana plant. For instance, people suffering from anxiety disorders might feel paranoid when they use THC but relaxed when they use CBD. 

CBD has a calm and relaxing effect, minus the psychoactive properties. It also helps induce peaceful sleep, for mood alleviation, as well as to reduce stress.

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Treatment of Allergies

Allergies are some of the most annoying health conditions in the world. The constant discomfort because of coming into contact with everyday objects is quite irritating.

People who suffer from allergies can use CBD oil or CBD capsules to alleviate the symptoms of their allergies. We did a fascinating piece on how CBD can be used to manage allergies, and you can read it here!

CBD Oil VS CBD Capsules (Comparison and Review)
CBD Capsules @goodies_bc

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between CBD Oil and CBD Capsule

When it comes to CBD oil and CBD capsules, everyone has their preference. Here at the everycbdthing offices, opinions are pretty evenly split between the two.

If you haven’t made up your mind on CBD oil vs. CBD capsules, we have a handy guide that you can use.


Before you choose between CBD oil and CBD capsules, you need to ask yourself how sensitive your taste buds are. If you are very sensitive, the odds are that CBD oil isn’t for you. Although CBD oil doesn’t taste bad, it has a raw and earthy taste that isn’t for everyone. We did tell you that it’s an acquired taste.

If the taste of CBD oil isn’t for you, you can use CBD capsules instead.

However, the taste may soon stop being an issue! Some researchers are trying to find a way to make CBD tasteless.


Some people lead busy lifestyles and travel a lot. CBD capsules are convenient because they are a non-leaking option. CBD oils are packed in bottles which are sometimes susceptible to breaking or leaking.


Any substance you consume must be broken down for your body to use. Some substances break down faster than others.

Which way of administration will get CBD faster in your system?

Researchers have studies to determine the rate at which your body absorbs CBD before it starts to take effect.

Capsules are absorbed the same way as edibles. Oral absorption makes way through the digestive system. This takes longer to breakdown, and effects take longer as well to hit peak levels.

CBD oils, when taken sublingually, ensure that the CBD reaches the bloodstream faster and in higher doses. CBD oils also have longer-lasting effects when administered this way.


We’ve already seen how some people are not comfortable with CBD because of its association with cannabis. This is why some people would prefer using CBD capsules over CBD oil.

CBD capsules are much more discrete than CBD oil, and they can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary questions. But if you intend to use CBD in the privacy of your home, give CBD oil a try!

In the end, choosing between CBD oil and CBD capsules offer capsules is down to preference. Some prefer convenience and discretion while others chase potency.

Regardless of the choice that you’ll make, we hope that this article has taught you more about CBD oil and CBD capsules.

CBD Oil VS CBD Capsules (Comparison and Review)
CBD Capsules @bath.by.bex

Have you had the chance to experiment with CBD oil and CBD capsules? What’s your preference? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

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