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You have heard the benefits of CBD and are interested in consuming it, but you are worried you will fail on the drug test. Worry no more. Get yourself the CBD crystals. They are the pure form of CBD that does not contain any traces of THC.

THC, just like CBD, is a compound found in cannabis and hemp plants. It has many benefits as CBD; however, it’s psychoactive. Being Psychoactive means you will feel high upon using it.

Pure CBD that makes up the crystals doesn’t have psychoactive effects.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the compound extracted from cannabis plants with many medicinal benefits and won’t get you high.

CBD crystals come in handy for people who are not allowed to have any traces of narcotics in their practice but want to experience the benefits of CBD.

How are CBD Crystals Made?

The manufacturers have to source the best hemp plants and carry out a delicate CBD extraction procedure.

After extraction, the CBD has other plant components, and for them to get the pure form of CBD, a detailed purifying process is done.

The filtered CBD is passed through the final procedure, removing any wax and fats traces from the extract. This process is commonly referred to as winterization.

At this point, you are left with pure CBD that is white and in powder form.

Now that you have the CBD crystals, what next?

How to Use CBD Crystals

There are many ways you can have your CBD crystals. The fact that they are odorless and tasteless gives you the leeway to consume them in any way.

Some of the ways include:

Mix with Your Beverages

Yes, you read right. You can mix the white powder in your drink. Mix it with your coffee, tea, or any soft drink. It doesn’t alter the effectiveness of your CBD.

Consider having your daily dose of CBD crystals in your water. Works perfectly.


The fastest way to have the CBD crystals absorbed in your system is by placing them below your tongue. The mucus membrane will have the CBD absorbed in your body faster than any other method.

Mix with Your Food

While cooking, you can add CBD crystals to your meals. Given that the crystals are tasteless, you can be sure they won’t alter your food taste. However, be cautious not to subject the crystals to very high temperatures as they will lose their potency.


Mix the CBD crystals with your skincare products and enjoy the many benefits that CBD has on your skin. Use it after a long day at work or after visiting the gym. Rub it on the sore parts and experience gradual relaxation.

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What are the Benefits of CBD Crystals

CBD crystals, commonly referred to as CBD isolate, have many benefits. Some of which include:

Treating Inflammation

Upon mixing the isolate with your oils, you can apply it on the inflamed part and watch the pain ease.

While having your massage, you can add the crystals to the oils for maximum benefits. That will help in relaxing your muscles and give you a calming effect.

Treat Acne

Those pimples on your face that come in different sizes and shapes can be eliminated by applying CBD crystals. You can choose to use it in its pure powder form or mix it with your skincare product continuously, and within no time, your face will be back to its smooth self.

Immune Booster

Studies have shown that CBD improves the immune of its user by a big margin. If you are accustomed to chronic pains or frequent medical conditions, consider adding CBD crystals to your diet.

After a while, the CBD will strengthen your body to prevent recurrent medical issues. 

Better Sleep

CBDs antioxidant properties will yield a calming effect on you. After consuming the CBD crystals, you will experience therapeutic calmness.

The tossing and turning will be a thing of the past once you discover the crystals’ effectiveness. Enjoy an insomnia-free night and wake up energized to face the day.

Reduce Anxiety

As mentioned, CBD crystals have a calming effect on your muscles and the entire body. Consuming it will calm you and lift your moods, getting you ready for your next task. 

Relax your nerves and regain your control. Don’t get anxious or agitated as you let the crystals boost your mood.

It’s good to evaluate the right amount of CBD to enjoy these benefits.

How Much CBD Crystals Should You Take?

The amount will vary from one person to the other. What informs your consumption rate is the amount of pure CBD you wish to infuse into your body.

As a beginner, you can consider infusing 10mg and increase the amount gradually as you progress.

Take note that a gram of CBD will have approximately 990Mgs of CBD content. Let this guide you as you begin your CBD journey.

In case you are on prescription drugs, consult your doctor for direction on the correct dosage. Also, before ditching the conventional pain relievers for CBD, consult your doctor.

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What to Look Out For, When Buying CBD Crystals

Certificate of Analysis

Before you buy your crystals, check on your prospective vendors’ website. Have they displayed their lab results on their website? Reputable labs should carry out the lab tests, and the certificate of analysis made available for public scrutiny.

Steer clear from manufacturers who do not reveal the results.


Check the label of your CBD crystals, what are additives, if any, that they have added. Such information is vital in case you are allergic to some components.

The ingredients composition will also come in handy when determining your dosage.

Extraction Method

Manufacturers that use CO2 extraction yield the best quality CBD. The quality of the CBD you consume matters as it will influence the results you get. Consider manufacturers that use organically grown plants. They are better in quality.

Investing in CBD crystals is a noble way to begin your CBD journey, especially if you are in a career that you can’t fail drug tests such as first responders.

Enjoy the many therapeutic benefits that come with CBD crystals. Do your due diligence, research, and get an authentic product for optimal results.



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