What happens when you mix an ancient superfood and a panacea celebrated for millennia? Honey is a superfood of the ages, and civilizations have considered CBD a super remedy throughout time. It is only now that we are beginning to understand the full extent of their effects on the body.

Processors have made attempts to harness the benefits of the two of nature’s superfoods for users’ benefit. The result is CBD honey sticks, a powerful product that helps reduce symptoms of disease and improve general wellness.

Let’s take a closer look at them.

CBD Honey Stick

CBD product is a mixture of CBD and honey – that’s pretty straight forwards. But why sticks and not ‘paste’ or just CBD honey?

cbd honey sticks
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The basic packages of this product are referred to as CBD honey sticks because of their packaging. Manufacturers put a mixture of honey and hemp extract in tubes the size of drinking straws which gives the product the appearance of sticks.

This innovative packaging makes it easy for users to enjoy the product in public conveniently without being a social nuisance. One doesn’t have to produce billows of smoke or put a dropper in their mouth in the subway, drawing undue attention to themselves.  

All you need is to take a straw, open it up and suck away on it. You can diversify your ways of taking the honey sticks by mixing the honey-hemp mixture with other meals such as bread and cereal.

CBD Honey Stick Dosage 

CBD Honey sticks come in packages of between ten and 100 sticks. Each stick has a certain amount of CBD, which is usually indicated on the label. If each stick 10mg of CBD, calculate the number of sticks you need to take according to your dosage needs. If, for example, you are taking CBD for pain, and the recommended dosage is 1mg per kg of body weight, you will calculate accordingly.

For example, you need 70mg of CBD if you weigh 70kgs, according to the dosage recommendation above. That translates to seven honey sticks of 10mg CBD each.

If you are taking the sticks to manage specific symptoms, ensure you have the correct dosage from an expert because it isn’t the same for all conditions and symptoms. The amount you take for pain isn’t similar to the one you take for anxiety.

While it is advisable to seek expert advice on dosage, trial and error are how you eventually find your dosage. You take a certain amount per day and increase it gradually until you feel your symptoms have decreased. The dosage at which you manage your symptoms should become your dosage and determine your intake henceforth.

You could be using CBD honey sticks for general wellness. Calculate the correct daily dosage take it every day for the best results. The dosage for wellness isn’t too rigid as long as you are consistent.

Advantages of CBD Honey Stick 

They are inconspicuous and easy to use

CBD honey sticks are among the most portable CBD products compared to bongs and other vaping equipment, cookies, etc. Besides being portable, you can use them inconspicuously.

They have antibiotic qualities

Honey is a natural antibiotic, and some studies have suggested that CBD has the same characteristics. Even when using CBD to manage other conditions such as anxiety, you still reap the benefits of its antibiotic attributes.

It boosts energy

CBD has been found to improve the user’s cognitive abilities in some people. Honey, on the other hand, helps to boost energy due to the natural sugar in it. These two attributes make honey sticks especially useful for people who need a boost in energy and mental acuity, for example, when doing a job requiring both energy and concentration.

It provides the user with all the other benefits of CBD

CBD has many benefits, including the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and reduce seizures. These sticks can help you reduce or prevent the growth of cancer cells. CBD is an antiemetic, so you can use it if you experience episodes of nausea.

Bioavailability and First Pass Effect

Honey sticks fall in the category of CBD edibles. This means that they have to go through the First-Pass Effect after you have taken them. As a result, the CBD effects in your honey sticks take some time to kick in. The First Pass process allows the liver to moderate the amount of CBD getting into the body, which means only a certain percentage of what you take will end up in the system.

Bioavailability is a big challenge with CBD edibles like honey sticks. It is estimated that only 5% of CBD in edibles gets into the bloodstream on average. This should have a bearing on your dosage because only the amount of CBD that gets into your bloodstream helps you. Adjust your dosage upwards to cater for the CBD in the product that the body doesn’t use.

The other way to deal with this is to take the honey sticks to supplement other intake methods if an exact dosage is critical to achieving your goal for taking CBD. One can, for example, vape in the morning and take the honey sticks for the rest of the day to top up. Research shows that inhaling CBD gives it greater bioavailability than it has in other intake methods.

Disadvantages of CBD Honey Sticks 

CBD honey sticks have low bioavailability, which means you have to take many of them to reach your dosage requirement per body weight. You need to be cautious about using them because it is easy to consume an entire ten-piece packet in a short time. This might not be sustainable economically, so you need to be disciplined. You could take just the sticks you need as you leave home.

Be Careful When Buying 

Buying CBD honey sticks and other CBD products can sometimes appear like an extreme sport with all the warnings, but it is not. Look at the indicators below.

Buy CBD honey sticks that:

– Are made from natural honey.  

– Have been tested by an ISO certified third-party lab and made available through a Certificate of Analysis.

– The CBD used to make the CBD is American grown.

– The hemp extract used to obtain the CBD is obtained using the supercritical CO2 method.

You should also look up reviews on the manufacturers by users of their products online. Avoid them if they seem to be having constant run-ins with the law and their products’ users.


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