What is CBD Massage Oil?

Going for a massage has been a widespread practice for people looking to cool off after a long day, re-energize, improve blood circulation and boost alertness. The practice has been upgraded recently as people use CBD massage oil to enhance the whole exercise’s benefits.

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is an extract of the cannabis plant that has therapeutic benefits to the body. The compound is used in different skincare products, including soaps, balms, and massage oils.

The massage oil is infused with CBD compound from the hemp plants as the 2018 farm bill made it legal in all fifty states as long as the THC content doesn’t go beyond the 0.3 % limit.

Benefits of CBD Massage Oil

Minimize Soreness After Work-out

The CBD compound reduces the pain you feel anytime you indulge in physical activities or visit the gym. Its therapeutic properties will ease your pain.

Treat yourself to a full body massage using massage oil once in a while and experience the magical experience. It will soothe all your pain points and revitalize your body.

Treat Your Skin

The CBD massage oil will open up the clogged pores on your skin and allow it to aerate and get rid of excess water in your body quickly.

Your skin will glow from the opened pores. Further, any acne and eczema skin conditions that you could be suffering from will be eliminated.

Look young again as you use the massage oil that acts as an anti-aging product. It will get rid of the wrinkles and hold your skin in its position. 

By eliminating the ruddy complexion and sagging of your skin, the oil will make you look half your age.

Treat Arthritis and Joint Pain

Arthritis is a painful experience that hinders your easy movement and physical activities. 

Primarily familiar with the elderly, massage oil will come in handy. Gently massage the painful joints. Do this frequently, and the pain will subside immensely over time.

Reduce Fatigue

After your daily activities, you feel tired and overwhelmed at the end of the day. 

After refreshing, there is a solution to that: apply the CBD massage oil that will allow you to relax from any anxiety and cool down.

Sleep calmly without tossing and turning and wake up revitalized ready to face the day ahead.

Calm Your Nervous System

Get a CBD oil massage and calm your nervous system and improve your blood circulation. 

Further, if you have an injury on your neck, back, or shoulders, the oil will relieve you from the strain or injury pain and calm your system. 

Knowing the benefits is the first step; getting authentic CBD massage oil is the real challenge. 

The high demand for all CBD products has led to the market being saturated with fake products. Traders take advantage of the limited knowledge that the masses have and retail artificial massage oils.

Do not be scammed.

How to Tell Genuine CBD Massage Oil


As you shop around for genuine massage oil, you need to search, study and verify several aspects.

 First, you need to evaluate the company that you intend to be its client. Evaluate their profile, check out reviews from their previous clients. What are their standards? Are their operations legal? Carry out your due diligence on the company.

Next, you need to research the product. The CBD massage oil they are selling. What does it state on the label? What CBD compound has been infused? Is it full-spectrum, CBD isolate, or broad-Spectrum? With this knowledge, you have an edge in avoiding being scammed.

Lab Analysis

Most genuine brands indicate the results of their lab analysis on their official websites.

Reliable third-party firms carry out the lab tests, and results are portrayed on the websites.

Get your CBD massage oil from such brands as you stand a better chance of getting an authentic CBD massage oil. The lab tests are expensive to carry out, and quacks may not be able to afford them.


Check out on the label of the product the composition of compounds that make up the oil. 

Check the grammage of CBD infused. Some companies will have a negligible CBD content that does not qualify to be called CBD massage oil.

Evaluate the other components that have been infused in the oil and their benefits. Compare several brands and get one that has the highest CBD compound infused. Ensure that the THC content does not go beyond the permissible 0.3%.

Knowing all the compounds that constitute your CBD massage oil is essential. If you are allergic to some of the contents, you can easily avoid the product.

Go for full-spectrum oil.

For better results, go for massage oil infused with full-spectrum CBD. For fast relief on your pain or inflammation, go for the full spectrum. Its higher CBD concentration makes it more effective.

Now that you know the benefits and how to identify authentic massage oil, how do you apply the oil?

How to Apply CBD Massage Oil

You need to know how to apply the oil for maximum benefits if you choose to massage yourself.

Rub the Sore Areas

If you are looking just to treat the painful area, then you need to rub the oil on the strain. Ensure that you have cleaned the area and dried up before applying the oil for optimal results.

Large Strokes for a Start

Run your hand along the injured area that is inflamed. Extend the stroke to the entire area for maximum relief. Don’t pity yourself; stroke the spot firmly for better results.

Use Massage Tools

Having CBD massage oil as part of your skincare routine is essential. You need to acquire the massage rollers and other tools for a deeper massage routine.

The tools will make your work easier while having your massage. Through pressure and friction on ailing areas, they yield better results. In the market today, there are electronic massage tools and manual ones. Learning how to operate them is easy. Doing it yourself will save you the extra cost of going to a massage parlor for a limited area application.

CBD massage oils have many therapeutic benefits, not only when you have an injury but also for relaxation and cooling off after long days at work.

Treat yourself to a regular full body massage using CBD massage oils and feel the difference.


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