CBD Oil & Migraines Everything You Need to Know
CBD oil is one of the most recommended natural remedies for regular migraines. It's easy to use and has very few dangers. Read on for more!

The majority knows the pain-relieving effect of cannabinoid oils — even the ones who don’t use any. But the actual way it works and how much it helps those suffering is sure to surprise everyone.

Firstly, CBD oil is one of the most recommended natural remedies for those who experience migraines regularly. Mostly because it’s easy to use, has very few dangers and has short and long term benefits regarding those with migraines.

And since 10% of the population has migraines, it’s essential to know how to lessen the pain. Because either you or someone in your life will eventually have migraines.

Not only that, but you won’t be able to avoid meeting someone who might need help regarding this matter. So it’s best to know the benefits and risks (although, there are not many) of using CBD to lessen the pain during migraines.

CBD Oil & Migraines Everything You Need to Know
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CBD Oil Short-Term Benefits in Curing Migraines

Well, of course, there’s the most obvious one: decreased amount of pain. This is the main reason why many people prefer to use it, but of course, there’s more than just the lack of discomfort.

Think about what a person goes through while having a migraine. It’s not just simple pain, but a feeling that even makes existence excruciating. Some people can’t also move, but the majority isn’t even able to focus on work or simple household chores. It makes living generally exhausting to do.

Using CBD helps you get to reduce the pain as well as all this discomfort and the inability to do things. To put it into perspective, imagine coming back to your senses after being both mentally and physically paralyzed.

52% of people say it even works better than painkillers.

Another great thing CBD provides you with is the lack of “being high.” So if that was what you were worried about before, then let go of that concern. CBD oil is indeed made from cannabis, but it doesn’t affect the same parts of the brain as the plant, nor THC does. Be sure to also read “CBD Oil Won’t Get You High But Here’s What to Expect” for more insight on how CBD doesn’t get you high.

It will give you a sense of relief without filling you up with chemicals that would make you high. CBD is non-psychoactive.

CBD Oil & Migraines Everything You Need to Know
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Other CBD Oil Vital Benefits in Treating Migraines

You guessed it, of course, there are! The best parts about consuming CBD might be the trivial ones that nobody thinks about.

The latter is great news for those who work in a professional environment or need to be focused and alert at all times. Mainly because not only are you able to get rid of the pain without popping a pill or two, but you can increase alertness. And you can do that by drinking coffee a few minutes before or after consuming CBD.

Take a look at “Mixing CBD and Caffeine (Benefits and Risks)” to see if you should be mixing CBD with your cup of coffee. Also, check out “What is CBD Infused Lattes?” for insight on infusing CBD with coffee.

The best part is that it’s natural, though. So if you want to use vegan medication, but can’t find any then this might be for you. No animals are required to make CBD, so it’s perfect for you if you don’t want to support those industries.

CBD Oil & Migraines Everything You Need to Know
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Long-Term Benefits of CBD Oil in Treating Migraines

In a study where 121 patients were given CBD as a migraine treatment, 81,1% reported a decrease in frequency. This means that CBD could be the cure for migraines to over 560 million people!

But not only does CBD reduce the frequency, but the intensity as well. There haven’t been many scientific studies done where they specifically want to see the intensity change, but many people say that their migraines became much more tolerable after consuming CBD for a longer time.

We have already talked about how taking CBD affects your ability to work. So in the long term, you might be able to excel at your workplace and in your personal life as well.

It can make you a better employee, partner, or parent. CBD can help you become amazing in all aspects of your life.

CBD Oil & Migraines Everything You Need to Know
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Risks of Treating Migraines Using CBD Oil

The short answer is worse, migraines. Due to this, you should take your first dose of CBD oil in a controlled environment where someone can watch over you and take action if something goes wrong.

But if you experience cluster headaches, then there is about a 20% chance that they will increase in frequency if you start using CBD regularly. So if you begin to notice this change, then quit using it immediately!

These two things happen because CBD tends to increase heart-rate, and that makes your blood flow faster. But it can also cause systemic vasodilation, which means that your blood vessels widen.

The latter, of course, happens in your brain as well, which causes pressure and can result in a migraine. It can happen even if you didn’t previously have a problem with such headaches. So be careful!

Check out “CBD Oil and Seizures: Here’s What You Should Know” for an inside look at what happens to the body when taking CBD and experiencing seizures.

CBD Oil & Migraines Everything You Need to Know
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CBD Oil Overdosing Risks While Treating Migraines

This often happens with people who are desperate to get rid of the pain finally. Sufferers become agitated with waiting and make them think it’s okay to take more than their doctor recommended or what they usually take.

Well, in this case, overdosing doesn’t mean death. There hasn’t been a single death caused directly by cannabis or anything of the likes. You don’t have to worry about that. You would have to ingest 20,000 mg of it for it to be fatal.

The worst-case scenario is that you reach a state where you feel paralyzed or sedated. At these times, you might feel panicked, so it’s best to avoid consuming too much CBD because this kind of discomfort can lead to long-term paranoia if kept up. Take a look at “From Hit to Kick: Time For CBD Oil to Take Effect” for tips on knowing how long it takes for CBD to take effect.

CBD Oil & Migraines Everything You Need to Know
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Considerations While Using CBD for Migraines

First of all, the length of the “high.” By no means does it mean that this is how long the CBD affects you, but the time how long you feel it. In the case of CBD oil, it can last up to 4 hours, which is a lot if we consider that we are talking about a severe headache that can make a person unable to function.

But this also means that at least half your work time can be covered by a single dose.

Another big thing is your medication. Antibiotics and antidepressants don’t work well with CBD, so if you use any of the two, then consult your doctor first before the first use. Pharmaceuticals don’t react well with CBD. Consult a doctor first to be safe and sound. Be sure to also read “CBD Oil & Depression: Everything You Need to Know” for a look at what benefits you can get from CBD oil when suffering from depression.

But the main thing you should consider is your body-weight. If you don’t talk to a doctor first and start assigning yourself a dosage (that’s likely just a speculation of what you should take), then make sure you’re not taking too much or too little. Because yes, even the latter can cause problems.

CBD Oil & Migraines Everything You Need to Know
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The Amounts of CBD Oil You Should Take Given Your Weight

If you take too little, then the effect will wear off much quicker, and you will end up with the same amount of pain in a short while.

This can lead to you thinking that CBD doesn’t work for you, even if it can be the miracle cure you’ve been waiting for, which would be a shame, mostly because it is already happening with a lot of people.

Around 30% of CBD users who take too little amounts quit using. The main reason for that is that they feel like it doesn’t help and that they are wasting their money, time, and energy. They are missing out because they didn’t check the amount they should be taking. Don’t be one of these people.

Check out “CBD Oil & Back Pain: Here’s What You Should Know” for a look at how your weight affects your body and the way it reacts to CBD.

CBD Oil & Migraines Everything You Need to Know
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Thank you for reading with us today! Always consult your doctor first before experimenting with CBD. They will be able to tell you more about your condition and what you should try to do to make it better, or in this case, what you shouldn’t. Let us know in the comments below if you’re using CBD oil already to treat your migraines or any other pain in your body.

Be sure to check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest for your daily inspiration from the world of medical marijuana and CBD. We’ll see you there!


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