CBD Oil & Pancreatic Cancer Here's What You Should Know
CBD is excellent for a lot of medicinal purposes, and it should be used more commonly. However, does CBD oil treat pancreatic cancer? Read on to know!

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly forms of cancer known to man. The five-year survival rate is just above 8%, which is why scientists and doctors are desperately looking for a cure. If something is tested enough times, then it will be immediately approved. Well, in this case, they might have found a possibility.

The rate of survival has been stagnating for the last 40 years, which is why this cancer is especially worrying. It only makes up 3% of all cancers in America but is said to be the second leading cause of cancerous deaths by 2020. That’s not even a few months away, think about it.

CBD oil is great for many things, but could it cure pancreatic cancer?

CBD Oil & Pancreatic Cancer Here's What You Should Know
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How is Pancreatic Cancer Treated Normally?

This question is important so you can understand how CBD helps. It doesn’t work as medicine by itself, but as an enhancement for the already existing methods.

The most direct way of getting rid of cancer is by surgery. This way, the doctors remove some cancerous tissue (plus some healthy in some cases to be sure). If someone needs to have surgery, then the doctors need to make sure they are fit for such a thing. This means that the patient has to have a tumor in an accessible area where there isn’t too much risk of damaging another part of the body. If that isn’t true, then surgery is already out of the question.

But chemotherapy is used just as often. Although, more people prefer the surgery as it takes less time usually, and it’s much less suffering. When you go through chemo, you suffer from nausea and pain daily, which is why many people refuse to get any help if their only option is chemotherapy. It’s a cruel way of healing.

CBD Oil & Pancreatic Cancer Here's What You Should Know
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How Can CBD Oil Help Cure Pancreatic Cancer?

Unfortunately, there haven’t been many studies done about CBD and the medicinal uses of it. This is because it only recently became legal to experiment with, and during this short amount of time, not many discoveries have been made.

But here’s an exception: a Harvard study. They decided that they don’t only want to deal with nausea and the pain that comes with chemotherapy. Instead, they were looking for a cure. During which they experimented on mice with CBD. In their case, there was a group that had pancreatic cancer and was treated with chemo, while the other group had the same treatment, except they were given CBD oil. It was administered along with Gemcitabine, something that goes hand in hand with chemotherapy.

CBD Oil & Pancreatic Cancer Here's What You Should Know
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Are There Other Benefits?

Of course, there are. CBD is good for (almost) everything, and that has become quite clear since people have started experimenting with it on their own.

Many people use it for anxiety, depression, or just pain management. But if you take a closer look at our website, then you will see how many things can be treated with CBD. Everything from migraines to cancers.


If you had a tumor removed, then you will need a lot of time to recover. A couple of days in the hospital, then at least a month at home, but that can extend to two months easily. Although some people require even more time to heal completely. Which is perfectly fine, but this process comes with a lot of pain.

But that can be efficiently dealt with. You don’t need to pop painkillers every couple of hours to feel decent. You can reach the same result or even better with CBD. By administering a few drops every couple of hours (or taking it any other way works fine too), you will feel much better. CBD works just as well as painkillers, but they are entirely natural and can have other positive effects.

The main thing that we would like to mention is that CBD will relax you, which painkillers don’t do. This way, you won’t always be worried about the recovery, and your mind will stay healthy as well.


A quick tip: do not start self-medicating with CBD because of that one Harvard study. We have no idea what effect it might have on humans, and you shouldn’t be the one suffering if our assumptions aren’t right.

But if you don’t administer it along with your chemo, instead of medicine to help you get through the side effects, you will have a much better time. CBD can decrease any pain you might have and make nausea gone.

Likely, you won’t be able to get rid of the vomiting, because that is a stomach problem during chemo, and by eliminating nausea, you won’t have it any better. But there is always a chance.

No treatment

If you decided to get no treatment, then you can still medicate with CBD. As we have said before: it works better than painkillers. Which is something you will very much need if you decide not to get help?

But the pain will grow stronger by the time, and there will be a point where you would have to administer way too much CBD for it to take effect. This would result in you getting in a sedated mindset, not being able to move, and likely passing out. It doesn’t do that much harm, but it certainly won’t make the pain better.

Always be on the safe side and look at “CBD Side Effects Explained (Science Facts)” for info on side effects, if any, when taking CBD Oil.

CBD Oil & Pancreatic Cancer Here's What You Should Know
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CBD is excellent for a lot of medicinal purposes, and it should be used more commonly. Unfortunately, though, it hasn’t been approved for pancreatic cancer yet, so you have to wait if that’s the solution you are looking for. But it’s slowly getting there, and we are hoping that it will soon be a normal thing to help heal people with.

What do you think about using CBD as medicine for cancers? Do you think they could help? Tell us down in the comments below!

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