CBD Oil and Seizures Here’s What You Should Know
CBD oil can be beneficial when other medications haven’t worked to treat seizures. Its use is safe and effective in the long term. Read on for more!

What Are Seizures?

There are many kinds of seizures, and most of them aren’t twitching on the ground and biting your tongue off. That is one kind of seizure, called a Grand mal seizure, and it usually comes along with soiling yourself and losing consciousness. But seizures can also be just a light twitching or spasming of one muscle group, and losing consciousness is not a requirement. There are even some seizures that people experience that bystanders wouldn’t even know that the person involved is also having a seizure. They could just be flickering their eyes or not. They are different from person to person, and even for one person, they can vary from seizure to seizure or day-to-day.

What Does Having a Seizure Feel Like?

Again, they are different for everyone. Some people experience deja vu right before or during a seizure while others can tell when it is coming on by a particular scent or feeling. Some people will see bright lights or start to hallucinate. Others might feel a sort of aura or lose consciousness completely. It’s also different for everyone how long after a seizure it takes to recover. It can vary from immediately to even several hours or up to a day.

CBD Oil and Seizures Here’s What You Should Know
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What’s Going On in the Brain?

During a seizure, neurons are randomly firing in your brain, faster than usual and without stimulation. When this happens, this has several effects. If your muscles are spasming, this is because random movement neurons have been fired. This also explains visual, olfactory hallucinations. They are caused by sensory neurons randomly going off without outside stimulation.

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Do Seizures Affect One’s Daily Life?

Seizures affect people in different ways. Depending on the severity of the seizures, the individual might not be able to swim, especially alone. People also usually have to be seizure-free for a certain period before driving or getting or reinstating their licenses to drive.

More than the physical limitations caused by a seizure disorder, many social issues can be caused by or coincide with a seizure disorder such as epilepsy. Having a seizure in public can be very embarrassing. The fear of having one can be debilitating.

CBD Oil and Seizures Here’s What You Should Know
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What Causes a Seizure Disorder?

Epilepsy can be caused by a defect in the brain that the person in question is born with, or it can be caused by an event later in life. An epileptic person can have recurring seizures or just one in their life. This event can include having a stroke, a concussion, or some other form of brain injury. It also can be caused by some infections. Seizures caused by one of these events don’t always take place right after the event either, it can happen days, weeks, and even years after.

How Do Doctors Attempt To Cure or Reduce Seizures?

Usually, if you have seizures to the point of epilepsy, your doctor will prescribe you an anti-seizure medication. One popular one is called Keppra, and while Keppra does help with reducing seizures, it, like most medications, has side effects. It can cause dizziness and tiredness, which can affect one’s ability to drive. In some cases, it also might cause depression and suicidality in the person taking it. And, like all medications, sometimes people will have allergic reactions to the drug which can sometimes be fatal.

A doctor won’t put you on a medication like Keppra unless they think that the benefits of taking it are more than the risks. However, some people still don’t like to take medication, and some are very scared of those dangerous side effects they might have.

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CBD Oil and Seizures Here’s What You Should Know
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Benefits of Using CBD oil to Treat Seizure Disorders

CBD oil can be beneficial when other medications haven’t worked to treat seizures. It also is more natural than drugs, so some people feel more comfortable putting it in their bodies. Pretty much, CBD oil works when other medications aren’t working, and its use is safe and effective in the long term.

Side-Effects of Using CBD oil to Treat Seizure Disorders

Although CBD oil can be very beneficial for seizures, there’s a reason one might not want to use it. Because CBD oil is not being controlled, about one in five products that are marketed as CBD oil includes some THC, which is the other chemical in marijuana. The problem here is that THC can make seizures worse or even cause them. For this reason, some people shy away from the use of CBD to help treat their seizures.

CBD Oil and Seizures Here’s What You Should Know
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How is CBD Taken and How Much Does It Cost?

When people ingest CBD oil to treat seizures, they will take a dropper of the oil and put it under their tongue. Usually, people will take between 10 and 20 mg a day. Depending on the quality of the oil, one can go from about $10 a bottle to $150 a jar, about 5 cents to 25 cents a milligram.

CBD Oil and Seizures Here’s What You Should Know
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CBD oil is a medicine like any other. You should take it under the supervision of your doctor, and you should only take it if it is medically legal where you live. It can have upsides and downsides like any other medication. Also, although the media sometimes makes CBD oil look like a miracle cure, always do your research before trying it.

Thanks for reading! Let us know in the comments below if you are using CBD oil for any health benefits. Be sure to also check out “Can CBD be Used to Treat Allergies?” for info on taking care of your allergies this upcoming season.

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