CBD Oil & Tincture Differences, Uses & More
CBD oil and CBD tincture are two distinct products made from cannabis plant. Read on as we outline the differences, benefits, and how you can make them.

How well do you know your CBD products? If you are starting on the CBD journey, you might be familiar with the basic CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD hemp wraps, and even CBD gummies. However, if you are a CBD connoisseur, like our entire team, then you might know even more products such as CBD tinctures and CBD capsules. 

CBD oil and CBD tinctures are two of the most popular CBD products in the world because they have tons of benefits. Most people think that these two products are the same; however, that’s not true. CBD oil and CBD tincture are two distinct products, and in this article, we are going to look at what makes each of them unique.

CBD Oil & Tincture Differences, Uses & More
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CBD Tincture

Before we look at CBD tinctures, let’s look at what a tincture is. A tincture is an extract from an animal or a plant that has been dissolved in ethyl alcohol, more commonly known as ethanol. In some tinctures, the solvent concentration can be as low as 25% while in others it can be as high as 90%.

From this, we can see that a CBD tincture is an extract from the cannabis plant that has been dissolved in ethanol. Some producers use a different solvent such as vinegar or glycerin when making their CBD tinctures. While these solvents are popular for being non-alcoholic, they are not as potent as the tinctures that use ethanol.

How to Make Your Own CBD Tincture

Of all the CBD products, CBD tincture is probably the easiest to make. Let’s look at one of the ways you can make your own CBD tincture at home.

The most important thing you have to do when making your CBD tincture is to identify what plant you’ll use. Most producers prefer using a hemp variety that has high CBD content. After identifying the plant, you need to heat it to convert the CBDA in the plant to CBD.

You then mix the plant with ethanol and let the mixture simmer for 20 minutes at 170F. After this, strain the mixture and store it.

CBD Oil & Tincture Differences, Uses & More
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How to Use CBD Tincture?

Once you have your CBD tincture, it is important to figure out how to properly use it. Using CBD tincture is pretty straightforward as most store-bought tinctures come with a dropper.

Use the dropper and put a few drops under your tongue. Hold it there for a few minutes for it to dissolve. Once it dissolves, it will be absorbed into the bloodstream through the sublingual artery. The CBD will then make its way to the brain through the internal carotid artery, and you’ll begin experiencing the effects of CBD.

Apart from using it sublingually, you can also add a few drops of the tincture to meals and drinks.

Benefits of Using CBD Tincture

You might be wondering if there’s any benefit of choosing CBD tinctures over other CBD products. The answer is yes. There are tons of advantages to using CBD tinctures.

One of the benefits of using CBD tincture is that it allows the CBD to be absorbed quickly into your bloodstream. It usually takes 15 minutes for CBD to get to your brain once you place the tincture under your tongue. This is one of the fastest absorption times.

CBD tinctures are also popular because they have a pretty long shelf life. This means that you can use it for a pretty long time without worrying about when it will go bad. This is especially helpful for people who take small doses of CBD. They can use as little CBD as they want without the worry that their CBD tincture will go bad.

Be sure you check out “How Long Until Your CBD Oil Goes Bad” to see how long CBD oil or other CBD products will last you.

CBD Oil & Tincture Differences, Uses & More
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CBD Oil 

CBD oil is the most popular CBD product, and we’re willing to bet that you’ve seen an ad for CBD oil in the past week. But what is CBD oil?

CBD oil is simply oil that contains a specific concentration of CBD. The concentration of CBD may vary, but as long as the oil has CBD, it’s CBD oil.

How to Make Your Own CBD Oil

While there are several brands of CBD oil available in the market, some people prefer making their own. If you’ve decided to make your own CBD oil, but haven’t settled on a recipe, we have a handy guide that you can follow.

When making CBD oil, you must consider what strain of the cannabis plant you’ll be using. There are several strains with high CBD content, and these are the ones you should use.

Once you’ve identified the plant that you’ll use you need to heat it at 220F for roughly 100 minutes to enable the plant to undergo decarboxylation. Once it’s been decarboxylated, use a weed grinder to grind the buds and leaves to a powder-like consistency.

 When you are satisfied with the consistency of your powder mix it with your oil of choice in a mason jar. We recommend that you use coconut oil, because who doesn’t love coconut oil. Next, you should boil the mixture for roughly 3 hours. After this, you should let it seat for 3 hours then heat it again for 3 hours. After the second round of heating, you should leave it for the night. By morning your CBD oil should be ready to use, strain it and store it. 

CBD Oil & Tincture Differences, Uses & More
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How to Use CBD Oil

CBD oil is so popular is because it can be used in so many different ways. You can:

Benefits of Using CBD Oil

CBD oil can be used in different ways. These options mean that you aren’t constrained to one method of use, and you can find what works for you.

Another benefit of CBD oil is that a lot of research has been done on it. The study has focused on the effectiveness of CBD oil in dealing with several medical conditions such as ADHD and allergies. This means that you know exactly what you are getting when you use CBD oil.

CBD Oil & Tincture Differences, Uses & More
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Differences Between CBD Oil and CBD Tincture

Now that we know a little about CBD tinctures and CBD oil let’s look at the difference between them. The biggest difference between CBD oil and CBD tincture is in the method through which they are made.

Apart from the difference in the production methods, CBD oils and tinctures also differ in the way that they are used. At the moment, there are more ways you can use CBD oil than tinctures, but that might change as time goes on.

CBD Oil & Tincture Differences, Uses & More
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It’s difficult to accurately predict the direction that anything in the world of CBD will take because it is a young industry full of innovation and new ideas. The one thing that we are sure of is that more researchers will look into both CBD oil and CBD tinctures, and no one knows what they will find. What we can promise you is this, EveryCBDthing will keep you up to date on all things CBD.

Thank you for reading! Be sure to check out another kind of CBD extract like “Everything You Need To Know About CBD Distillate“.

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