CBD Oil & Tinnitus Here's What You Should Know
Do you have tinnitus? Will you try CBD to treat it? Absolutely yes! CBD Oil & Tinnitus. Read on to learn what you should know!

Tinnitus can get quite severe if left untreated. Although, it’s merely a symptom of something else, so it doesn’t cause much harm by itself. But if you suffer from it, then you likely want to do something, as this condition can quickly get on anyone’s nerves.

And you might be glad to know that CBD can be the cure for it.

What is Tinnitus?

Let’s answer this question first, as this is such a common condition, but not many people realize that this is an issue. About 15-20% of the world’s population experiences tinnitus.

Tinnitus is mainly just a bothersome occurrence. Tinnitus is when you think you continually hear something. Like ringing, buzzing or humming. But it can be any other sound constantly irritating your ear, which isn’t real.

It’s usually not terrible, but it can certainly get worse over time. If left untreated and the ringing is constant then you can even become deaf by the time you reach old age. 

The worst part is that tinnitus sometimes causes physical pain. This mostly includes headaches, but it can even help migraines arise. If you are one of those people, then visit a doctor as soon as possible.

CBD Oil & Tinnitus Here's What You Should Know
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How Can CBD Help Tinnitus?

CBD seems like such a weird thing to do about tinnitus. It feels like the two can’t connect, and nothing good will come of it.

Well, let us surprise you.


First of all, we know the relaxing effect CBD has on most people. It’s insane how fast you can go from 100 to 0 just by taking some. This effect is the main positive when it comes to tinnitus.

Mostly because this condition is very irritating, it can make people go crazy just because of some ringing. This doesn’t happen to everyone suffering from tinnitus, of course, but it isn’t uncommon at all. Some start panicking as soon as it starts and some can stand hearing it but lose their cool eventually.

CBD is the perfect solution to this. It helps the person relax and take their mind off the noise. This doesn’t make the ringing go away, though in most cases, so, likely, they will still be able to hear it. But the situation will be much better, as the person will be less likely to focus on it.

Physical pain

If you reach the point where you have headaches or even migraines, then CBD can quickly help. We already know the effect that numbs people down to a point where it can work better than most painkillers. The latter is no joke, as most people’s intention is precisely that. To use CBD as a painkiller.

CBD has been documented to be able to help those suffering from migraines as well. If that is what you are worried about, then it can be a cure for that too. To say: if you are in physical pain because of tinnitus, then CBD is an excellent way to start. Although going to the doctor first might be a better choice.

Make sure you check out “Can CBD Cream (Salve) be Used For Pain Relief?” for info on applying CBD cream.


This is probably the best part of using CBD for tinnitus. It can make the sound go away. 

In 2014 there was a study conducted at the University of Otago Medical School, New Zealand. They found tinnitus to be similar to epilepsy. Thus they were able to find a kind of “cure” for it.

Although there is currently no effective drug treatment for tinnitus, anti-epileptic drugs are used in some cases as a potential treatment option. There is increasing evidence to suggest that cannabinoid drugs, i.e., cannabinoid receptor agonists, can also have anti-epileptic effects, at least in some cases and in some parts of the brain.

In many cases, though, people reached the best results with products that were high in THC. We don’t recommend taking that route though, as CBD is much safer.

Thanks to this study, people who were suffering from tinnitus are becoming free of their irritation and pain. The only bad side is that it isn’t a permanent solution, but besides that, it works perfectly.

CBD Oil & Tinnitus Here's What You Should Know
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How To Use CBD For Tinnitus?


You can take a couple of drops of CBD orally, which will likely take effect in a couple of minutes. But you can also use the slides to cover the inside of your mouth. That will help the CBD be absorbed through the tissue, making it work sooner.

Check out “CBD Oil & Tincture: Differences, Uses & More” to see two different kinds of drops you can apply.


If you have tinnitus, then you should probably not take this route. It only takes a few minutes to take effect. But it will last significantly shorter than any other method. This is because ingesting the CBD is the better way of consuming it.


Whether you bake yourself some CBD brownies or buy some gummy bears, the result is the same. A very delicious treatment. 

Also, if you have a child that suffers from tinnitus and you are okay with medicating them this way, then gummy bears are perfect. 

You don’t need to force your child to eat or drink weird tasting things, and they will have a healthy outlook on medicine at an early age.

Make sure you check out “How Long does CBD Oil Stay in Your System?” to see how long these CBD products will stay in your body.

CBD Oil & Tinnitus Here's What You Should Know
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If you have problems with irritation or physical pain, then it will most definitely help. Although if your only issue is the noise itself, then there is a pretty good chance that CBD won’t help. But you still have a shot at it working, so why not try at least?

CBD cannot hurt anyone, so the worst that could happen is that you are more relaxed than usual for a couple of hours. We would take the chance.

Do you have tinnitus? Will you try CBD to treat it? Tell us down in the comments below!

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