CBD Oil & Anxiety: Here's What You Should Know
Anxiety is one of the conditions that is known for having CBD oil as a recommended treatment. CBD Oil & Anxiety: Here's What You Should Know

Anxiety is one of the conditions that is known for having CBD oil as a recommended treatment. This is a great thing, as people with anxiety usually have to rely on modern medicine. But with this new method, they have a way of treating this illness in a healthy way, which seems to be a very needed thing. 

After all, 18% of the US population has some form of anxiety disorder. That is about 40 million people, and we are only counting those above 18 years of age. The teens, who are the most at risk for developing such conditions, aren’t taken into account.

There are a lot of things that go into CBD oil consumption for anxiety. Let’s talk about them.

Why CBD and not Medical Marijuana?

Many people ask this when they are told about the effects of CBD. After all, it does the same things. So why bother with getting some particular oil when you can go to a local hemp store and buy marijuana?

Mainly because CBD contains minimal THC, the compound of marijuana that creates all the adverse side effects. THC itself can get pretty dangerous, and it’s the compound of marijuana that produces the high-sensation. Also, if you don’t want to get legitimately high, then go with CBD. It will only relax you and make you feel calmer; your logic and thought process will not be affected.

Another fact to help convince you to go with CBD is all the forms you can take it in. You can use:

  • Drops
  • Edibles
  • Vapes
  • Creams
  • Soaps
  • Bath bombs

Meanwhile, if you use marijuana, then how can you get it into your system? Smoking and making edibles. That’s it. But even the edibles can have a pretty foul taste if not prepared correctly, while CBD edibles always taste excellent.

But what makes people side with CBD the most is the fact that it is legal in more states than marijuana. The law usually dances around CBD because it has no psychoactive compounds and that quality makes it legal in some places. But be careful, if you are not entirely sure if it’s legal in your state, then look it up first.

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CBD Oil & Anxiety: Here's What You Should Know
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What Can CBD Oil do for Those with Anxiety?

Relaxation is a given. That effect can be useful in a ton of situations, but the calmness that overcomes the mind of the user is a big perk as well. But there are several situations where CBD can help people get away with certain circumstances without anxiety.

CBD Oil and Public Speaking

One of the most important studies about CBD and anxiety was about public speaking. Several people were given CBD as a relieving medication. They all talked about the experience as surprising and that CBD significantly lowered their anxiety.

This is excellent news for students! A drop of CBD, and you can give your presentation. There will be nothing to worry about. But even those who work in certain places or are in an authority position will benefit from using CBD before meetings or conferences.

CBD Oil and Socialization

What most people with anxiety deal with is the socialization problem. Even if they desperately want to have friends and people to hang out with, they can’t seem to bring themselves to talk to people. Because of this, either other people have to initiate towards them (which is impossible if the other person can see that they are dealing with a lot of anxiety and are uncomfortable). This makes socialization a gamble, and it’s not a reliable way to make connections.

But if you take a little bit of CBD, then it will help ease your worries and your overthinking process. It can assist you to go up to people more comfortable and initiate conversations.

CBD can be your ticket from assumed introvert to social butterfly!

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CBD Oil and Confrontation

There are situations where you don’t need to talk or do something, but you would be better off if you did. For example, talking to your boss about your pay or your professor about your grade. Either way, you need to initiate confrontation, which is insanely difficult to tackle with anxiety. 

Overthinking situations, you see all the ways it could go wrong. You conclude that you could even lose reputation or grades, which is not valid in reality. You just overthought it.

If you use CBD, think about what you want and what you are going to say can make things easier. The chemicals in CBD can clear your head of distractions and unrealistic expectations. So you will end up with the actual conclusion: “I either get what I want, or I’ll get rejected, but I still didn’t lose anything.

This mindset is necessary if you want to be successful. Nobody is going to see that you are uncomfortable or that you have been doing a lot more work lately. You need to speak up for yourself; otherwise, you will continue to suffer through your current circumstances.

CBD Oil and Illness

A lot of people quickly become anxious when they get ill. “I’m missing too many days at work/school,” and “When I get back, I will have so much to do!” Honestly, both of these might be true, but something much more important is at stake here. Your health.

When you have so much anxiety that you put several other things before your health, then there is a severe problem. You should likely see a doctor about it, but you can self medicate with CBD in the meantime. It will let your mind rest, and your body focuses on healing itself. After all, if you stress yourself out, it will be even harder to get better.

CBD Oil and Smoking Weed

Smoking marijuana can result in mild to severe paranoia or anxiety. Some people even get panic attacks because of it. If you think about it, then it’s not worth risking all that just for the high.

You can easily skip all that by using CBD, as it doesn’t have any of those effects. You can still get the same result, and you will be perfectly safe from any conditions that could cause you anxiety.

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What Does CBD Oil Do?

First, let’s talk about what causes anxiety. In a lot of cases, it can be a neurological problem when something goes wrong in the serotonin system. This can cause the person to develop over-anxious responses or even depression. Because of this, a lot of patients are put on medication that targets the serotonin system.

CBD Oil Eases Anxiety

But that is precisely what CBD does. It blocks the absorption of serotonin so that more is available in the synaptic space. This helps the brain send more serotonin signals, and it’s the main reason for the mood boost while under the influence of CBD. But it also eases the anxiety.

If the patient has a neurological problem, then CBD use can even be a permanent solution after a long treatment. Unfortunately, though, most people have a mental illness that is causing them to have anxiety, so physical treatments are only temporarily able to help them.

CBD Oil may Increase the Capacity of the Hippocampus

We mostly associate the hippocampus with memory and cognition, but it does much more than that. A shrunken hippocampus can cause issues that seem like mental illnesses — namely, anxiety and depression.

But long-term use of CBD can result in new neurons being regenerated, increasing the capacity of the hippocampus. This can be a happy ending. If new neurons are being regenerated, then the patient can be considered healthy. The symptoms slowly start to go away. Psychological help is often recommended as the behaviors that commonly took place during the “ill phase” affect the person’s way too much.

CBD Oil & Anxiety

CBD is a fantastic way to medicate yourself in a massive variety of cases. But if you have anxiety, then especially so, as it can help you a lot. The effects it has on people is unbelievable and can make people’s personalities bloom. It can free anyone’s mind from the cold cage of anxiety.

Although, we advise talking the matter through with your doctor. They will be able to tell you a lot more and answer all the questions you might have. Also, they know what’s best for you and your anxiety, so if you have the option to talk to a doctor, do so. Only start self-medicating after you are entirely sure that it’s a good idea for you.

Have you used CBD for your anxiety? How much did it help, and would you recommend it for others? Tell us down in the comments below!

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