CBD Oil & Weight Loss: Here's What You Should Know

CBD Oil can help you lose weight. Moreso if you are already putting in a ton of effort to start shaping up. Let’s learn more about CBD Oil & Weight Loss.

CBD is great for a ton of things; we all know that by know. But weight loss is not something we would expect from a compound of marijuana. After all, most people get the munchies is they consume something like this, we assume that because of this it would make people gain weight. But there have been a couple of experiments and theories about the matter.

Let’s learn more about CBD Oil & Weight Loss.

Does CBD Stimulate Appetite?

If you have consumed marijuana before then you already know that it will give you a bit of an appetite. Or, you know, an endless hunger that you can’t get rid of, even if you had all the food in the world. Both are possible.

But CBD is only a compound of marijuana, so it might not have the same effect.

What stimulates appetite is THC, which is not found in CBD. This answers the question. No, CBD will not make you hungrier.

Because of that, it won’t mess with your diet and you won’t be tempted to eat above your daily calories. Actually, it was proven to reduce food consumption in rats (this hasn’t been tested on humans yet, though).

CBD Oil & Weight Loss: Here's What You Should Know
CBD Oil & Weight Loss @intrinsichemp

What Happens to You when Consuming CBD?

Three main things. These are all crucial in the long term for weight loss, so you might want to watch out for all of these.

Breaking Down Fat

The fact that your excess energy is stored in your body in the form of fat is common knowledge, which is why a lot of people try diets that focus on burning that excess energy. These kinds of diets involve keto and fasting. Both of these need a person to be strong-willed, as they require a ton of determination. The lack of that will immediately cause the person to completely mess up their diet.

But CBD can stimulate specific proteins and fat genes that encourage the body to break down fat. This results in a slow, but noticeable decrease in body fat.

Burning More Calories

Calories are a measurement of the energy you take into your body. Everyone has a different amount that they need for each day, and exceeding that limit will make the person gain weight. By reaching less than that limit, you will lose weight.

To put that into perspective the average adult needs about 2000 calories a day. To make a kilogram of fat tissue you need 7700 calories. This means that if you eat an extra block of chocolate each day (which we will count as 400 calories), then you will gain an entire kilogram in just 20 days. 

That is pretty drastic considering that eating a block of chocolate takes like 30 seconds, but to burn off that 400 calories, you would need to run at least 4 kilometers.

But most people want to lose weight by exercising more. This is usually a stupid idea because if you overindulge, then there is no way you can move enough to burn it off.

Here comes CBD to the rescue. It has a specific chemical in it, which can stimulate the cells’ powerhouses, the mitochondria. They in return raise their activity level and might even increase in number. This amount of movement and activity can make a pretty big difference when it comes to your calories. 

It can either make your body burn more calories or make your body need more calories daily. If the case is the latter, then all you need to do is not comply. Every single missed calorie a day is a small step towards your weight loss.

Decreasing the Generation of Fat Cells

What better way to lose weight (or maintain your current one) than to stop the fat from forming all together? This usually doesn’t result in the extra weight coming off you. Instead, it can keep you from creating new layers of fat. Which can make cheating days a lot better if you don’t want to gain back whatever you lost in the last week.

CBD can provide you with this maintenance. During the process of lipogenesis (the forming of fat cells), it’s able to decrease the expression of proteins. This means that the fat cells won’t be able to form, to begin with, and that excess energy will be washed out of the body like a waste, instead of it settling down on you.

CBD Oil & Weight Loss: Here's What You Should Know
CBD Oil & Weight Loss @pureoxidebrantford

How to Use CBD for Weight Loss

CBD is usually used for different things like treating physical of mental illnesses and not for losing weight. This is why you would think that it’s much more different in this case. So while the question is important, you should know that it isn’t all that different.


There are many ways you can take CBD, and it is useful in all its forms. Although if your real intention is losing weight, then we highly suggest ingesting it because the effects are not nearly as potent if you inhale it or absorb it through your skin.

That can be done with edibles or drops. Both of them are easy to administer, and you will find them to be very pleasant. You can find CBD in different tastes, so you can choose something that fits you.


If you are only starting to use CBD now, then be very careful. Consult your doctor first, and make sure that this method can work for you before you start self-medicating. Your doctor will be able to tell you how much to take at first and how to progress from there.

But if you aren’t very overweight, then it’s likely that even a minimal dosage can work wonders for you. Some people have been able to tone themselves a bit even with as low amounts as 5 milligrams.

That’s not very realistic for most people trying to lose weight, though, so don’t worry if you need more. This amount can go as high as 50 milliliters.

Although you really should listen to your doctor. They will tell you a certain amount that you need to start at, which will be the lowest possible number to have you take as little as possible first. 

Then you will need to look out for what CBD does to your body. If you don’t notice changes in 4-5 days, then you need to increase your intake.

Be Patient

If you are losing weight, then CBD shouldn’t be the only thing you are doing to achieve this goal. But if that’s the case, then don’t expect drastic changes. After all, this way, CBD can’t increase your calorie burn if you don’t move enough, and the fat burning will be insanely slow.

Don’t expect a miracle. CBD should only be used as an extra addition to the tools that you use to shape up. 

Exercise, eat healthily, and CBD will have a much better effect on you. But for this you need to put in a good amount of effort, the fat won’t just melt off by itself.

Although, you should do that by default if you want to lose weight.

CBD Oil & Weight Loss: Here's What You Should Know
CBD Oil & Weight Loss @recoveryreleaf

CBD Oil & Weight Loss

CBD is a great way to help yourself lose weight. It can do wonders for you, especially if you are already putting in a ton of effort to start shaping up. But it can also help you maintain your current weight during days when you want to ditch your diet (which is okay, every diet can have a break).

All in all, you can consume CBD for a very slow and barely noticeable weight loss, or you can do it while being active and living healthily. Either way, you will lose weight.

What is your experience with CBD oil & weight loss before? How did it go? Tell us down in the comments below!


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