Mixing CBD and Caffeine (Benefits and Risks)
Mixing CBD and caffeine is both beneficial and risky. You become productive, sleep well, overcome effects of caffeine... However, there are risks.

We always worry when it comes to mixing possibly dangerous things. Especially when it comes to consumption. So if you want to try mixing CBD and caffeine, what can happen? What risks are there?

(Note: This is strictly about mixing CBD with caffeine, don’t take everything granted from here if you plan on using THC.)

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What Are the Risks of Mixing CBD and Caffeine?


This is the most dangerous thing about ingesting CBD and caffeine at the same time. We are simply not sure what can happen. Most types of CBD can cause sedation if you take too much of it, hence likely canceling out the focus and alertness the coffee gives you. But the word likely is there for a good reason.

There’s not just one kind of CBD. Some can make you more relaxed, and others can have the same effect as coffee. So make sure you know the effects of what you use.

Be sure to also take a look at “How Much Caffeine is in a Cup of Coffee” to see if you should mix that coffee with your CBD oil.


The temperature has a huge effect on CBD. If you’re using it to treat a specific condition and your doctor prescribed a certain dosage for you, then contact them about it. Putting CBD oil in hot coffee will change the effect it will have.

But if you’re only taking it for fun or just general health benefits, then you should be fine. It doesn’t affect the dosage enough to hurt you. You might want your drink to cool down first, as the warmth can decrease the potency. Once it’s at about room temperature, your absorption levels will be optimal.

Also, check out “High Caffeine Coffees You Never Knew About” to see what coffee drinks are high in caffeine.

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Reaction with Pharmaceuticals

If you want to use CBD to treat your depression, then please only do so if you’re advised by your doctor. It can have a dangerous reaction to antidepressants. Also, always check in with your doc first if you have to get on antibiotics while using CBD.

Hidden Risks

Unfortunately, it only recently became legal for scientists to experiment with cannabis. Thus we don’t have as much information on it as we’d like. There are things that haven’t been discovered and might be really dangerous.

So if you’re worried about these hidden risks, then you shouldn’t try to mess around with the combination of coffee and CBD. Just go to your local cafe and ask for a CBD infused coffee. They are very likely to have some, as this drink is becoming ever-so-trendy.

Benefits of CBD and Caffeine

Decreased Side Effects of Caffeine

The best part about drinking CBD infused coffee is that you will not experience any negative side effects from it than you usually would. Or at the very least, they will be noticeably milder than average.

This includes constipation and diarrhea, headaches, irritability, nausea, and restlessness. Be sure to check out this interesting post as well, go read “What is CBD Infused Lattes?“.

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Reversing the Side Effects of Long-Term Caffeine Addiction

Some regular coffee drinkers experience a lot of bad things when their habit turns into an addiction. This can start with nights when you can’t sleep no matter how tired you are, but they can turn into full-blown paranoia.

Since CBD is a great way to reduce anxiety, it can also help users get rid of these side effects. Get a bottle of CBD oil here.

All the Benefits that Come with CBD

Unfortunately, we don’t know about all of the effects CBD has since it hasn’t been legal to experiment with for that long. But we already know that this is a natural remedy for people with anxiety, arthritis, depression, or just physical pain.

And all you need to do is put a little bit of CBD in your coffee every morning. Such a small thing, but it can improve your life by a lot.

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Clear Mind Boost

Drinking CBD infused caffeine increases your productivity, but won’t be jittery and shaky. Dare I say; it can be similar to the effects of Adderall, just much weaker. Of course, I’m talking about the effect Adderall has on someone who doesn’t have attention problems but is just taking it to become more productive. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t help people with ADHD or ADD.

This makes it the best way to start a long day. Imagine waking up, downing a cup of coffee, then being alert all day without the energy crash and being able to focus. Now that sounds like a miracle worth trying.

Makes Sleeping Easier

There are a lot of people who drink coffee somewhere right before bedtime, even if they know it might make it harder to sleep. But it’s still a comforting feeling when the coffee warms up your entire body, and you feel much more relaxed than before.

Well, if you drink coffee before sleeping and don’t want it to have an effect on your sleeping schedule, then mixing CBD and caffeine might just be the thing for you.

Make yourself some instant coffee with the least amount of caffeine in it and put a few drops of CBD in there. Not only will that relaxing feeling last longer, but you will also be able to sleep in much more easily. Read “How Much Caffeine is in Instant Coffee?” to see the caffeine contents if you’re drinking instant coffee.

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In the end, the benefits of CBD infused coffee outweigh the risks by a lot. There are numerous benefits to mixing CBD and caffeine and very few negative side effects. Although we don’t know much about the latter, you should rather be safe than sorry.

We still highly suggest speaking to your doctor before you start to use it. A simple consultation will be enough for them to tell you if it’s safe to use or not.

Thank you for reading! Let us know in the comments below if you’re already mixing CBD oil with your breakfast drinks like coffee or smoothie.

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