Most recognized CBD companies in the world
In this article, we look at the most recognized CBD companies in the world. Does your favorite brand make the cut? Read on to find out!

When you think of soda, you think of Coca-Cola. When search engines come to mind, you think of Google. Whenever you want to do some online shopping you think of Amazon. When you think of streaming, you think of Netflix. If you want the best CBD content, you think of Everycbdthing.

That’s the power of being the most popular brand in your niche; you transcend the status of a brand and you reach a whole new level. Most companies never get to this level and we have to celebrate those that do.

Although the CBD industry is relatively young, it has exploded into a multimillion-dollar industry. The fellows over at Technavio have done a wonderful job analyzing the CBD market and you can check out their analysis here.

CBD Companies

Despite the relative youth of the industry, some CBD companies have already set themselves apart as industry leaders. These are the companies that people think about when CBD is mentioned. They might not have the mainstream name brand recognition of Coca-Cola and Google but they are well-known among members of the CBD community. In this article, we looked at the most recognized CBD companies in the world.

If you’re just starting out on this CBD journey then this is a must-read. You might just find your next favorite brand among the ones we list here. If you are a CBD connoisseur then this article is perfect for you too. You’ll get to see if your favorite brand made the cut and you might even get to see some brands that you weren’t familiar with.

Most recognized CBD companies in the world
CBD oil and products

Most recognized CBD companies in the world

CV Sciences

When talking about the most recognized CBD companies in the world, we have to talk about CV Sciences. CV Sciences is one of the few CBD companies listed on a stock exchange. It is listed on the OTCMKTS and at the time of writing this its shares were valued at $3.075. (You might want to add it into your portfolio if you haven’t already.

CV Sciences was established in 2010 and it has its headquarters in California. It has several subsidiaries such as CannaVest Europe, US Hemp Oil, and Plus CBD. The most popular of these subsidiaries is Plus CBD and chances are you’ve seen its products in the market.

They have a wide array of products ranging from roll-ons to capsules to sprays and even gummies. Out of all these, our favorite is the CBD roll-on. It’s a very unique product and it wonderfully blends the properties of CBD with menthol and camphor to give you a wonderful feeling all day long. The best part about the roll-on is that it has no sulfates or phthalates, making it one of the best roll-ons available in the market.

Medicine from CBD

Apart from creating consumer products, CV Sciences also has a pharmaceutical division that is looking into making medicine from CBD. This is because CBD initially gained popularity as a medical alternative. The pharmaceutical division has achieved promising preclinical results and is looking to get FDA approval before it can sell the drugs in the open market.

Most recognized CBD companies in the world
CV Sciences products @youpluscbd

Charlotte’s Web

Did you know that there is a strain of marijuana known as Charlotte’s Web? The strain has a high concentration of CBD and a low concentration of THC which means that using it will give you all the benefits of CBD without getting you high.

The Stanley Brothers developed the strain and at the time everyone used to call it Hippie’s Disappointment because it couldn’t get you high. The name was later changed to Charlotte’s Web in honor of Charlotte Figi who used their strain of hemp to reduce the severity of her seizures. Charlotte’s story was featured on CNN and it increased the popularity of Charlotte’s Web.

The company experienced exponential growth because of this and in 2018 they had an IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange. At the time of writing this Charlotte Web’s shares were valued at $16.39. (We’ll be honest; we were tempted to invest in it too.) Being listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange has gone a long way to give Charlotte’s Web a layer of credibility that most CBD companies sadly lack.

Stanley Brothers

In growing their hemp, the Stanley Brothers do not use any unnatural chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. Instead, they rely on natural predators such as ladybugs. Something else we like about Charlotte’s Web is the fact that they test their plants for contaminants even before they leave the farm and go to the factory. It’s a company that is really focused on the consumer and you can see it in their products.

Charlotte’s Web has a variety of products such as CBD Oils, CBD Gummies, and CBD Capsules. They even have a range of CBD products for your dogs so that they don’t feel left out.

Most recognized CBD companies in the world
Charlotte’s Web @charlotteswebcbd

Aurora Cannabis

Another one of the most recognized CBD companies in the world is the Edmonton-based Aurora Cannabis. Aurora was established in 2006 but it was only in 2014 that they got a federal license to grow marijuana. In 2014, the Canadian government also gave them a license to sell medical marijuana. Aurora began selling cannabis oil in 2017 and since then they have gained a massive following. In 2018, Aurora was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Aurora has a presence in 24 countries giving it one of the largest market shares in the CBD world. This large market share has given their investors a lot of confidence and at the time of writing this, their shares were trading at $6.28. Aurora’s stock price is expected to get a major boost when the company completes the construction of two facilities one of which is in Odense, Denmark.  (Can you smell the profits?)

In 2018, a report emerged that Coca-Cola and Aurora were in talks to collaborate on a CBD-infused drink. The news sent a shockwave throughout the CBD world and Aurora’s share price surged as a result. However, Coca-Cola’s CEO, John Quincey, decided to burst everyone’s bubble by saying that they had no plans for developing such a product at that time. Quincey’s words still managed to give CBD enthusiasts hope that it’s only a matter of time before we get a collaboration between the two companies.

CBD SoftGel

Currently, Aurora makes a wide range of products the most popular of which is the CBD SoftGel.  The SoftGel is particularly popular with people who are starting out on their CBD journey because it allows them to control their intake. We are sure when Aurora and Coca-Cola launch their CBD-infused drink it’s going to overtake the SoftGel in popularity.

Most recognized CBD companies in the world
Aurora Cannabis @aurora_mmj

Canopy Growth

One of the most recognizable CBD companies in the world is Canopy Growth which has its headquarters in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Canopy Growth was established in 2013 and in 2018 it became the first cannabis company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. By April 2019, it was the biggest cannabis company in the world in terms of market capitalization. At the time of writing this article, its shares were valued at $27.85. (We want to be them when we grow up).

Canopy Growth is a company of many firsts. Apart from being the first cannabis company on the NYSE, it was also the first to be listed on the TSE. It was also the first company to institute the policy of Compassionate Pricing. The policy makes medical cannabis cheaper for underprivileged patients. Since the policy was instituted, a lot of underprivileged people have been able to access medical cannabis. The policy was so popular that it was imitated by most CBD companies and is now standard in the industry.

In recent years, Canopy Growth has been expanding its operations into other countries such as Germany and Brazil. The expansion was relatively successful and Canopy Growth was able to acquire MedCann, a German cannabis distributor. In 2019, Canopy Growth acquired Cáñamo y Fibras Naturales, a Spanish based cannabis producer.


Canopy Growth market their CBD products under their Tweed subsidiary. One of their most popular products is Tweed CBD SoftGels. The capsules contain 20mg of CBD and very low quantities of THC. Apart from products with a high concentration of CBD, Canopy Growth also makes products with a high concentration of THC.

Most recognized CBD companies in the world
Canopy Growth @hometownnewslc

At the moment the CBD industry is in its infancy and there is a lot of potential for growth in the coming years. A lot of companies are poised to emerge in order to become one of the most recognized CBD companies in the world. The companies in this list are the current market leaders but this might change in the coming years.

Websites like ours continue to inform the public on the wonderful benefits of CBD. You can help us spread the word about CBD by sharing our articles with your friends and family. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve heard of any of these CBD companies. Which one would you like to see a more inside look on.

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