Should You Use Regular or CBD Nasal Spray
Choosing which nasal spray is good for you is a headache. We’ll look at regular nasal spray and CBD nasal spray and tell you which one you should be using.

For people who regularly deal with stuffy noses and allergies, nasal sprays are a must-have. They deliver a thin mist of medication to the nostrils reducing the effect of the allergies. Apart from allergy medication, nasal sprays can be used to deliver medicines that work elsewhere in the body. They do this by taking advantage of the fact that the nostrils have a dense concentration of blood vessels which makes it easier for the medicines to be absorbed.

There are so many types of nasal sprays in the market and some of them even have CBD. Yes, you read that right; you can get CBD nasal sprays in the market. (We’ll get to this later on in the article)

The large number of nasal sprays in the market is a double-edged sword for consumers. Consumers have a lot of options but choosing which nasal spray is good for you is a headache. But don’t worry, your friendly neighborhood heroes at Everycbdthing have your back. We’ll look at regular nasal spray and CBD nasal spray and tell you which one you should be using.

Regular Nasal Spray

The term “regular nasal sprays” encompasses a wide range of products such as decongestant sprays, antihistamine sprays, and steroid nasal sprays.

Decongestant sprays

Decongestant sprays are primarily used to reduce congestion. They do this by reducing the size of the swollen tissues and blood vessels in the nose. Although decongestants are really useful, experts advise that you shouldn’t use them for longer than three days. If you use them longer than the recommended period, you might end up being more stopped up when you finally stop using them.

Antihistamine sprays

Antihistamine sprays are another group of sprays that are categorized as regular nasal sprays. They supply the body with antihistamines to combat the effects of an allergy. Some people prefer these to antihistamine pills because they don’t make you that drowsy.

Steroid nasal sprays

Another popular type of nasal spray is the steroid nasal spray. They are so popular that doctors often recommend them first when someone is suffering from an allergy. Despite their popularity, they are slow-acting and it might take a week before you notice any improvement.

Should You Use Regular or CBD Nasal Spray
CBD Nasal Spray @nasadol.cbd.nasal

Now that you are familiar with the regular nasal sprays let’s look at CBD nasal spray.

CBD Nasal Spray

New Leaf Pharmaceuticals is a pioneering CBD company that created the first-ever CBD nasal spray, Rhinodol. Since the first CBD nasal spray was created others companies such as Nasadol have created their own CBD nasal sprays. Nasadol has gone a step further and added limonene to their nasal sprays. Limonene is a terpene that stimulates the body’s neurotransmitters improving CBD activity.

While each company has its own unique formula, there is a basic recipe for creating a CBD nasal spray. It is a combination of pharmaceutical-grade CBD and a saline solution. Once the mist is sprayed into the nostrils, it is absorbed through the blood vessels and alleviates the symptoms of an allergy. These nasal sprays take advantage of CBD’s natural properties to reduce the effects of allergies.

Although CBD nasal sprays and regular nasal sprays work in the same basic way, there are some major benefits of choosing CBD over regular.

The biggest benefit of CBD nasal spray is that it allows the body to absorb CBD faster than other methods. This allows you to experience the positive impacts of CBD even faster. Another major benefit is that they act faster than most nasal sprays currently on the market.

Should You Use Regular or CBD Nasal Spray
CBD Nasal Spray @nasadol.cbd.nasal

If you suffer from allergies or a stuffy nose, then we would advise you to try CBD nasal sprays. They offer you the benefits of a nasal spray plus the benefits of CBD.

However, before you switch to CBD nasal spray, please consult with your doctor. Thank you for reading! Let us know in the comments below if you’re using CBD products already, and for what!?

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