What does smoking CBD feel like?

Is smoking CBD good for you? Did you know that Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many natural components found in Cannabis and Hemp plants?

CBD is proved to have many health benefits, and as such most people are joining the bandwagon. It also doesn’t have side effects, and if it’s there, it’s mild and doesn’t last long.

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Is smoking CBD good for you? @Healthline

CBD and THC are two compounds of the cannabis plant that have received the most attention due to their therapeutic nature.

The biggest difference between the two is intoxication. CBD is termed non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t make you high, unlike THC that will leave you a bit intoxicated even at a low dosage. 

However, some consumers prefer having the two at a go, the reason being, as the THC gets you high, the CBD will calm you reducing the anxiety and lower the heartbeat level raised by the THC.

The way you induce CBD into your body matters.


Why Does it Matter How I Consume CBD?

Well, there are several ways you can consume CBD. You can inhale through smoking or vaping, apply on your body as creams, ingest or consume it sublingually, meaning you hold the CBD below your tongue for a few minutes.

Most people prefer smoking the CBD, the reason being, it’s delivered to the body system fast, and secondly, you can easily intake a higher concentration of the CBD. 

To smoke, you can roll the joint like a cigarette or use an oil rig. Heat the tip of the rig and place the CBD, and you are good to go. The rig looks like a water pipe and makes smoking easy.

Scientists like Dr. Adie Rae have also backed smoking as the preferred consumption method as about 50% of the CBD you smoke gets to the lungs and the brain fast, unlike other forms like chewing, where only 5% of the CBD gets to your bloodstream.


What are the Benefits of Smoking CBD?

Calming Effect

After the hustles and bustles of life, you need to calm down, reflect, reduce the anxiety and re-energize for the following day.

Imagine having worked hard the whole day; then, at night, it’s just turning and tossing. Annoying right? Smoke a joint to cool off, and as mentioned, you won’t even be high or suffer a hangover, so why not?

Fast Relief

Smoking CBD gets it absorbed from the lungs to the brain very fast. It means if you are seeking the therapeutic features of CBD, you will get them fast. Get rid of your anxiety quickly by smoking CBD.

CBD, as an edible, goes through digestion, losing some of the components in the process. Smoking gets more than 50% of the CBD compound into your bloodstream in seconds.


You don’t have to rip off your pockets to get the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Unlike other relievers that will leave you broke and don’t work as effectively.

CBD in other forms is quite pricey, like in balms and edibles, while rolling it to smoke is relatively affordable.

Medicinal Properties

Smoking CBD doesn’t make it lose its therapeutic benefits; if anything, the pain, anxiety, or inflammation you feel will leave you fast. 

This fast relief is accelerated by the CBD’s higher bioavailability nature, where it’s absorbed into the bloodstream faster than other consumption methods. 

Mood Booster

Take control of your moods by smoking CBD. Re-energize and get back to work without getting high or euphoric.

It’s Legal

The signing of the 2018 Hemp Bill made hemp-based products legal across the country. You don’t need to fear or smoke the CBD in hiding.

 As long as your CBD roll doesn’t contain more than 0.3% of the THC compound, you are good to go.

Some of the main benefits of smoking CBD are these. It has minimal to no risk even when consumed in large quantities, and you don’t have to freak out. 

Start your CBD smoking journey today and get all its therapeutic benefits.

The only caution you should observe is when you are using other prescription drugs. Consult your doctor if smoking CBD could affect the effectiveness of the prescribed medications.

The Feeling to Expect After Smoking CBD

Feelings may vary one person to the other. It’s also affected by the dosage.

 The CBD product also affects how you will feel after smoking the CBD. For instance, a CBD isolate will give you a different feeling from smoking a CBD vape pen with THC traces.

Some of the feelings all these products have in common are that they will give you the calming effect, relieve you from pain and leave you re-energized. Some consumers feel happier and resolved.

The only thing that should worry you while smoking the CBD is knowing whether it’s authentic or fake.

The high returns and high demand for CBD have led to many scammers posing as genuine CBD dealers.

How to Identify Genuine CBD 

It can be very annoying to discover, what you shipped is not genuine CBD. To make the matter worse, it may not yield the benefits you expected to gain from smoking.

To spot fake CBD, check out the following factors:

Ingredients on the Label

Check out from the label what the brand contains. Some brands selling hemp seed oil take advantage of the consumers’ ignorance and claim they are selling CBD oil from hemp.

Genuine brands will list on the label, Cannabidiol, full-spectrum from hemp or PCR. Fake ones may be written, hemp seed oil, which is not CBD.

Lab Tests

Genuine brands will highlight the lab analysis results on their websites. The lab results are critical to guide you on the composition of your CBD product.

 The lab tests are expensive to carry out, and only the genuine brands who have a name to protect in the industry may be in a position to afford that.


Study and research the CBD market. Don’t be lured by scammers making outrageous claims. Research and do due diligence on the companies with a name in the field.

Get to know how the CBD is processed, refined, and the benefits. This way, no one will lure you with bizarre claims.

Don’t let the few fake brands hinder you from enjoying the benefits of smoking CBD. Be keen on getting only quality products, and don’t let the tall claims, discounts, and marketing gimmicks mislead you.


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