Ultimate Guide to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice
If you want more control over the dosage and ingredients in your CBD vape juice, let’s get right into the ultimate guide to making your own vape juice.

If you want more control over the dosage and ingredients in your CBD vape juice, making it yourself is the way to go. The good news is you don’t need a chemistry degree to get it done either. Making vape juice gives you two advantages: control and saving money.

If you can follow these pretty simple directions, then we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get right into the ultimate guide to making your own vape juice.

What You Will Need to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice

  • CBD Crystals (also called isolate)
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • A beaker, cup, or something glass to mix the solution in
  • A bottle for the finished product
  • Scale
  • A pipette or syringe
  • A heating source (stove, radiator or a hot water heater; microwave for those in a rush)
  • Flavoring (optional but recommended)
  • Vape pen to smoke with

Now, let’s get down to the actual cooking. Just follow along and you’ll have your new, fresh bottle of CBD vape juice in no time. NOTE: We’re making 10 ml of 5% CBD PG/VG (80/20) oil, which is pretty standard and average. You can adjust the recipe as you see fit. Want 10% CBD? Double the amount of crystals added.

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Ultimate Guide to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice
CBD vaporizer @cbdfive

How to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice

Measure out your CBD crystals

Ok, Tony Montana, get out your scales and measure out 500 mg of CBD crystals. If not already, crush into a fine a powder. This is important. The smaller the particles, the easier they will dissolve in our solution and not be left in clumps. Those clumps can ruin your vape pen coil.

Also, keep in mind to use high-quality CBD crystals, which tend to be 90% and up in purity. It’s typically pure white. If your crystals brown-ish or yellow-ish, then it is a low-quality product and not recommended for this. An off-color substance could mean the presence of adulterants and other minerals, which could probably ruin your vape pen.

Measure out your propylene glycol

Using your pipette, measure out 8 ml of PG and squeeze it out into your breaker (or glass cup). PG is a colorless and tasteless liquid used to give a “throat hit” and as a suspension fluid. “Throat hit” means it simulates the heavy, smoky feeling associated with smoking cigarettes or joints. A suspension fluid is one that can hold flavors and compounds such as CBD and nicotine better.

Ultimate Guide to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice
CBD Vape Liquid @samlet_cbd_shop

Mix the crystals and the PG

Now that both are measured out, add the 500 ml of CBD crystals to your PG solution. Mix and then use the pipette to add the mixture to your bottle. Shake vigorously and set it aside to wait for the crystals to dissolve. This can take roughly six hours. To help with the process, we suggest slightly heating your PG before mixing with the crystals.

We left ours next to the hot water heater for about 30 minutes or so. But, if you are in a hurry or don’t have the patience, you can put it on the stove or in the microwave for a few seconds. However, we strongly suggest using a slower heating method like a radiator or a shallow pan with hot water and set the beaker inside. You don’t want to get it too hot, just a little warmer than room temperature.

Add the VG

After waiting for the crystals to full dissolve, measure out 2 ml of VG. The VG is a natural product made from vegetable oils and makes the vapor thicker. It’s a little sweeter and thicker than PG, that’s why we use much less. However, it’s used to make the throat hit a little smoother and not so harsh. In fact, you can use 100% VG mixture, but this method is the standard way. PG acts as a better suspension fluid.

After adding the VG, give the bottle a good shake. At this point, it’s ready to load in your vape pen. If you want to add some flavor to the mix, the read step five. If you’re happy at this point, then you can move on to step six.

Add the flavor (optional but recommended)

You can vape what you have now, but it’s going to taste earthy and organic. You can use any of the flavor agents they use for regular nicotine juice. We suggest looking at your local vape shop. You will be able to try flavors (typically with nicotine, though) and find one that’s a good fit for you. If you don’t want one of those, you can also buy a terpene mixture. Terpenes are natural compounds present in all plants that are responsible for aroma, taste, and color. They’re what make roses smell like roses and give lavender its sweet scent. The same is true for cannabis. It’s the reason you can some buds that smell skunky and others that smell sweet. A good terpene profile can make for a very tasty vape juice.

Ultimate Guide to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice
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Load Your Vape and Get To Testing

As we mentioned earlier, this is a standard recipe you can tweak and alter to your liking. Load it up in your favorite pen and give it try. If you find it’s too rough, not enough CBD, or whatever, you can fiddle around the measurements and find something perfect for you. That’s the beauty of doing it yourself: you’re in complete control. See how long it takes for that CBD vape juice to kick into your system in “From Hit to Kick: Time For CBD Oil to Take Effect“.

If our recipe isn’t too your liking, some other popular ratios are 70/30 and 60/40 (PG/VG). That would be 7 ml of PG to 3 ml of VG and 6 ml to 4 ml. You can also add more or less CBD crystals to adjust for potency. If you have a larger or smaller bottle, then a little math will get you to the right measurements.

Ultimate Guide to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice
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Overall, you learned how to make your own CBD vape juice. It just takes a little know-how and a little patience. Hopefully, our guide will help you make CBD vape juice at home without the need to be an expert chemist. You can brew your own special concoctions to woo your friends and make them think you a have true laboratory—not just your kitchen.

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