CBD Lip Balm
Jump in and read why and how to buy CBD Lip Balm. There are plenty of benefits of this fantastic natural cosmetic product.

There is a solution for the skin of your lips! CBD helps to nourish, protect and even heal the skin. It is an antioxidant, an antibiotic, and it has anti-inflammatory qualities.

There are many CBD topicals for skincare in the market; creams, lotions, ointments, and the like. Lip balm is a relatively new addition to the CBD supplements’ line.

CBD lip balm does more than moisturizing your lips like ordinary products owing to its unique qualities mentioned above.  

Maybe you want to try one of these lip balms, but you have questions about their efficacy and safety.

We want to help you make an informed decision on the matter. This write-up will also help you choose a safe product that will meet and, hopefully, surpass your expectations.

Let’s look at the benefits of CBD lip-balms before discussing how to choose.

Benefits of CBD Lip Balm

CBD-infused lip-balm leaves your lips well moisturized and shiny without appearing greasy like any other quality balm. However, it goes beyond that to do the following:

It causes cuts on lips to heal faster

There has been a lot of anecdotal evidence that Marijuana is an analgesic over the years. It has been used to treat wounds in animals and human beings for thousands of years, even in ancient civilizations such as Greece, Egypt, and Rome.  

Science is now giving credence to this belief. Continued study of the endocannabinoid system shows that it plays a vital role in the healing of wounds. Applying CBD on a wounded area stimulates the ECS to produce anandamide which hastens the healing process. Applying CBD lip-balm will, therefore, help to heal your chapped or otherwise damaged lips.

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It promotes skin health 

If your balm contains CBD hemp oil, it will do more than add a temporary sheen on your lips; it will improve their health and give them a natural gloss. The hemp seed oil contains vitamins A, C, E, and Omega 3 essential fats. All these nutrients work together to improve the skin and enhance its anti-aging properties.

The following are some factors to consider when buying CBD lip balm

It should have a readily accessible Certificate of Analysis

CBD is considered a supplement. There is no clear state structure to regulate its manufacture and packaging. As a result, you can’t always be sure that your CBD lip-balm label specifications are accurate.

To deal with this issue, serious CBD lip-balm manufacturers submit their products for analysis by independent laboratories. The laboratory issues the manufacturer with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This document lists all the compounds found in the lip-balm and their quantities.

The certificate of analysis (COA) for the product should also be available for your perusal, either in the product package or on the manufacturer’s website.

Study it to see whether the lip balm contains the ingredients you are looking for or toxins you should avoid.

Your product shouldn’t contain pesticides or heavy metals since these are harmful to your health. It should also not have more than 0.3% THC as this is illegal.

You should never buy CBD lip balm if an ISO-17025 certified lab hasn’t analyzed it.

Source of hemp from which the CBD is extracted

Hemp is a bio-accumulator; it stores in itself everything in the soil on which it grows. Toxins in the environment where the hemp was grown will contaminate your balm. The best toxin-free hemp is organically grown since farmers don’t use chemicals on it.

Agricultural departments in many countries don’t enforce organic farming standards strictly. The United States has some of the strictest organic farming protocols in the world. If hemp grown in America is marked ‘organic,’ you can be sure that its producers used no chemicals, and your balm will be toxin-free.

This is why most users prefer American hemp. Scandinavian countries like Norway are also good, but America is the best.

Extraction Method Used to Obtain the CBD

Hemp has different extraction methods, and they have a bearing on the quality and purity of the final product.  

The two most common extraction methods are Co2 extraction and solvent distillation method. The solvent distillation method leaves a chance for the extract to be contaminated by solvents. The CO2 method, on the other hand, doesn’t use solvents and its products are free of extraction-related contaminants.  

Lip balm whose CBD was extracted using CO2 will always be safer than those from other varieties.

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Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, or Isolate

The CBD used to manufacture your lip-balm is extracted from industrial hemp. CBD is the dominant cannabinoid, but hemp contains many other bio-compounds, including cannabinoids and terpenes.

If your balm is laced with the entire hemp extract, it is said to be full-spectrum. It contains everything in hemp alongside CBD.  

Broad-spectrum lip balms have had THC removed, but all other compounds remain. If your product is labeled an isolate, it means the manufacturer has removed all the other bio-compounds in hemp and only left CBD.

A complete and broad-spectrum product will enable you to benefit from other cannabinoids and terpenes besides CBD. A balm that is made from isolates, on the other hand, will be more potent because it contains unadulterated CBD.

A completely THC-averse person can use broad-spectrum CBD lip-balm. That way, they avoid THC while still benefiting from the ‘entourage effect’ that comes with other hemp compounds.

Customer Reviews

Much of the CBD business goes on online. One way to be sure of the quality of a lip balm is by reading customer reviews online. If the vast majority of past users give it a positive review, then your experience will probably be good.

If there is a considerable number of negative reviews, you are better off avoiding the product.

Other Ingredients

Ant CBD lip-balm you chose will have other ingredients besides CBD, which enhance its effectiveness and useability. Study the label and the COA to check for any ingredients you either disagree with or prefer. Some CBD lip balms contain beeswax or other animal products, which are a deal-breaker for vegans.

Others contain skincare extracts like Jojoba, castor oil, cocoa butter, and many others. You should look out for these ingredients and make your choice accordingly.

In conclusion, please note

Many genuine companies produce high-quality CBD lip balm, but low-quality backstreet quacks have no qualms selling you poor, ineffective, and even toxic products.

It may not be possible to produce a list of all the companies to buy from and all the others to avoid.

The factors we have outlined above will enable you to pick the suitable CBD lip balm no matter where you are. You will be happy to note that all the indicators mentioned above are usually written on the product label.

The key, however, is to ensure that an ISO-17025 lab has tested the balm because it is only then you can ascertain the information given by the manufacturer.


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